What is happening to our world.

I can’t watch the news anymore. It isn’t cowardice, it isn’t that I don’t care, it isn’t because most of what I don’t like to see, isn’t happening here. It is because I do care. It is because it doesn’t matter where it is, who is to blame, which country owns which piece of the world. It is because I am horrified and sickened at what one person can do to another. I am disgusted that the ‘governments’ or leaders of the countries involved, won’t communicate without dropping bombs or sending missiles. I can’t bear to see the faces of the tiny children, terrified, confused and bereft. The parents, mothers and fathers, looking around at what they now haven’t got. There are no excuses. No ‘it’s your faults’. Everyone involved in making the decisions to bomb, maim and kill, are all to blame for what humanity is doing to humanity. One thing stands out for everyone and anyone to see and understand. A fact that no one, no world leader, no president or prime minister, or dictator,no King or Queen can fail to see. NO ONE WINS IN WAR!!!

But, it isn’t only in the war torn countries that is so painful to hear about. People we know can hurt us, people we don’t know can hurt us, people we think we know can hurt us. It seems that caring and compassion is dying. People seem to think so little of others and only think about their own needs. I find that sad.

Something I have just heard as I write this, is the murder of two young medical students on foreign exchange, from England, had an argument about noise in a bar and were followed home and stabbed to death!!! I can’t put into words how I feel, how the whole world feels I hope at this horrific lack of value put on life itself. How can anyone kill another in cold blood! What kind of person does that?!>?What kind of world are we living in now.

All my life I have tried to care. Care about people, animals, no matter where they live. I have tried my hardest to be kind and loving, show compassion and empathy to those I meet. If I am asked for help, I give help , if I am asked for kindness I give kindness. But I am only one person. As a young woman I wanted to save the world as we do when we are young. I can’t save the world, I know that now. The sad thing is I am not sure anyone can.

I haven’t felt well again today, perhaps that is the reason I feel so upset by the things that are happening to others around the world. The children, the parents of those killed, the animals who are treated cruelly. Perhaps that is it. But I don’t think so. I will never cease to try and do my bit, that’s all any of us can do. Be kind to those around us, show humanity to man and animals alike and try to live a good peaceful life.

If everyone in the world did this, then there might be peace.


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