Looking forward

Today is sunny and windy, cooler for the ponies and the dogs.The ducks have a lot more water in the ponds now, after the heavy rain of the past few days. The rain was welcome but we have had enough now thank you!

Lucy is all moved into her little cottage with her cats. She has made it her home and it looks beautiful. The garden has a huge outside run that comes over the kitchen door. There are branches and hammocks for the felines to relax and play.She is now able to be out there with her cats, something that the garden onto the mobile home, didn’t allow. They are indoor cats, because the little boy was kicked around as a kitten and has slight brain damage. He doesn’t see danger and doesn’t learn from making mistakes. We don’t think he would last very long out in the big wide world. Her little girl kitten is partly feral but loves the comforts a home brings. It is so good to see Lucy looking happy and planning how her tiny house will evolve.
She arrived this morning, to do her share of looking after the ponies, looking happy and much calmer than I have seen her for a while. It will, I hope be a positive move and a happy one.

So, life here on the farm won’t be the same now. Although I will see Lucy everyday, it seems strange not having her across the drive. So, I have made a decision. I have been going to a Restorative Health gym for the past few weeks, because of the Liver disease and the sedentary lifestyle I have lived for the past few years. I need to continue with the exercises etc during the week. I have to reverse the damage done, no choice there and make sure I keep it reversed: so the exercise is crucial to this reversal. The other component of this reversal is to say goodbye to stress! I am working on that.Writing the FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN is helping, I hope, to lay the ghost of Jade Wood.
Over the years I have bought all kinds of gym equipment but had no where to have it all out ready to use. Lucy lived in a large mobile home at the side of our drive that is now empty. We won’t be using it so I am going to turn that into a home gym! Good idea I think. I will have a music centre and there are sofa’s etc for the dogs to sit with me while I do my work outs! Sounds great!

This coming week is exciting. The cover of NOBODY TOLD ME should be with me in it’s design stage and the edits are almost finished. As I have said, if I like the cover I will have this company design the front of THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. Exciting and positive times ahead I think. I also spoke with my ‘Dad’, Claire’s father this morning and he is well but still misses ‘Mum’. He says he would love to read my second book and he will be one of the first to read it. He is 83 but will read it on KINDLE!! That surprised me.

The legal matter re FB and ‘the nasty’, is I hope, at last being dealt with and then perhaps all the rubbishing of my name, will end. It has been a pleasure to be on here the past few days, no slandering of my name and no nasty lies from the perpetrator of 2012. I hope it stays that way. The threat of holidaying in Wales, by this horrid person, is what I thought, just a threat. But even if it isn’t, Wales is a huge place so I am not worrying about that anymore.

So all in all, life is getting better. I will miss Lucy being around as much but am so happy she has her little cottage in a really nice village just a few minutes away. I will still see her everyday as we share the care of the ponies.
NOBODY TOLD ME is almost there and T.F.B.T.S is being written. The sun is now shining and I am off to see the ponies and the ducks.

Have a good Sunday everyone and thank you for reading this. x


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