Pleasure and Pain

For the past few days I have been engrossed with the final edits of NOBODY TOLD ME. Friday I saw the first design for the front cover. It was amazing and took my breath away. I could have modelled this picture at the time the story begins or a little after that. The likeness is uncanny. I am so pleased with the design and have just written the front cover words and the back cover. The design team have obviously read the book and have done a wonderful job for me. Can’t wait to see the end product. I shall certainly use them for the next book cover THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. I am hoping, like I DID TELL, these books will go world wide, spread the messages they all convey.

The painful part of now, is going back over the time I have written about. Seeing how much I was held back my the medication, how much I had lost. I know the next book will be hard in a different way, looking back to a time when I only wanted to help someone in trouble but this sent me back into the horrors I never wanted to experience again. This cover is still in the ‘thought’ process, photo or no photo? Anyway, I want to concentrate on NOBODY TOLD ME now. Take comfort from the fact that this book, I hope will help many as I DID TELL helped.

Home life is good, Lucy is settled in her cottage and comes in everyday to see us and do her share of the ‘pony’ keep. I am hoping to go back to my Restorative Health tomorrow, didn’t make it last week I was too poorly.

Things on ‘the blog’ seem to have settled, haven’t had any notification that anything has been said about me, so at last some peace! I am still pursuing the legal side and that should take place quite soon. I never wanted any of this but sometimes, someone who can be so evil, has to be stopped.Then perhaps things will settle down and I can get on with my life and put her behind me.I was reminded when I spoke to CPS that I am the victim/witness here and they are the offender

I speak to my nephew now, instead of Ellen, he has taken over the regular calls that Ellen used to make and that’s good. I still miss her telephone chats and think of her often. I also think of other family members who choose not to be part of my life. It isn’t a case of ‘out of sight out of mind,’ at least it isn’t for me. It could easily be for them.

But, I have family and friends here and am grateful for them.
Back to work now and then bed. Hope you are all well and thank you again for all your support. x


One thought on “Pleasure and Pain

  1. well done cassie right behind you every step of the way your a great person and I for one am proud of you you have come along way since the NASTY did what she did. cant wait to read your book. love and hugs always xx ❤ xx


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