To The Abusers Of Those Who Support Us, The Abused.


I would usually begin a letter with a name but there are too many on social media that this letter applies to. I can’t start with ‘Dear’ because I don’t hold them dear. I hold them in contempt.

I haven’t been on here for a few months, having  personal problems, my husband has cancer, my brother has cancer and my son is very ill. I also have developed some kind of artery condition that may need surgery.So forgive me for my absence. I have spent a little time today catching up with events on social media and am horrified at the abuse, yes I use the word liberally, given to those on here who support victims and survivors of CSA. Me being one of them.

Some of you will know my feelings re a certain barrister Ms Hewson, I have written in earlier blogs so won’t repeat myself. I have also said before how painful  it is for a victim to come forward and to tell their story. Those who are in the public eye, especially Andy Woodward and other sportsmen, have the added onslaught of newspapers and journals infringing on their privacy. None of the people coming forward, none of those having suffered the worst, most  evil of crimes against children, found it easy. I know.

When I wrote my own story I DID TELL I DID I had the support of my daughters Melissa and Lucy and the support of my husband Daniel. I had told every member of my family about the book and everyone was okay with it. My abuser’s sons particularly.Yes the details in the story of my childhood upset some of them, most, including my brother Tom, felt guilty of not doing anything. How could he when he had no idea of what had happened to me. I had huge support from readers and my publisher who believed my story and had faith in me to publish it. The rest is history.

But I divert. When a victim comes forward to tell of their CSA they are scared, terrified. Not only of actually telling but of being believed. Having to go through all the horrific details of every incident of abuse they suffered, if the case is to go to court. All they really want is to tell. To be listened to, to be heard and believed. When this happens, it is some kind of comfort and release. Sometimes they have to re live their past over and over again, in great detail. Every incident painful beyond words.The last thing they want is not to be listed to , or heard and most of all not believed.Of ocurse they don’t want to revisit the horrors but have to if they want the abuser punished. For some, the person who violated them maybe dead, but for the victim it can be cathartic to at last tell it as it was. believe me this is never done lightly and is usually told in the language the incidents are remembered, as a child. They are the victims here and need to be believed.

Yes there are a few who make the whole thing up. I know from personal experience. Back in 2012, I was the victim of a nasty cruel hoax. Some of you may remember. A young girl having read my book, contacted me saying she as in danger, being beaten and abused and before I knew it I was into the worst 6 months of my adult life. Depravity, beatings, trafficking, rape, babies being murdered etc. Jade Louse Wood had taken me in, because I never believed anyone would make such stuff up. I believed her.That anyone would have pretended ,in such great detail, with such explicitly, this whole horrid wicked saga was beyond me. But she did. I have previously written about this. People such as her belittle genuine victims and make it difficult for some, to believe the truth when told. 

But now, having read some of the past few weeks tweets,the worst thing in my mind, is the abuse that is being directed at those of us, yes US, who are supporting and trying to help victims of abuse. Trying hard on social media to highlight the dangers some children are in. Those who fight with every ounce of their being, CSA and trafficking. We, me on here and in my own name, will always highlight where the dangers are. We will continue the fight to have abusers brought to justice. We will fight for longer harsher sentences for those found guilty of harming our children in the worst possible manner. We will try to educate our children on body safety and give them a safe place to tell. What we won’t do  is back down! Whatever you throw at us, whatever you do. No matter how you do it, we will continue this fight. CSA has always happened. Will always happen. But people who come forward and tell their stories, may just stop other would be abusers in their tracks. Maybe they will think twice because no-one is safe now. We will all tell in time.

I don’t believe CSA is getting worse, I believe it is just becoming known. Uncovered and we need to keep doing this. Some of the high profile cases get great publicity,not easy for a victim, but some of us, like me, are children who maybe being abused every day, in their own homes. I like to think that the abusers within the family circle, are now quaking in their boots. Afraid that their victims might now be able to tell. I also hope family who abuse and family who know about abuse at home, if caught, receive long sentences. Maybe, just maybe, then these evil excuses for human beings might think twice before violating our children. If more people are found guilty If more people come forward, maybe then you out there who attack us on social Media for defending the rights of a child to have a normal, abuse free childhood, will eat your words. I would never expect an apology that I know none of those attacked would ever get.

So whoever you are, and you know who you are. Threatening those who support the fight. Rubbishing stories of abuse from genuine victims. Making light of this evil crime. Blaming the victim for what happened to them. Think on. We will not be stopped.

For those in my team, on the side of  truth and good, I apologise for the lack of strength in this blog.This is not as strong as I would like to write, but not much personal fight left in me today. The health of my family and myself,  the past three years of bullying from my eldest daughter Melissa and my youngest sister Anne, have taken their toll.  But I will bounce back, I always do. I will continue to do as much as I can, here and in my own name on social media to help CSA victims and supporters.  Keep the fight going please.

Thank you for reading. Cassie is back. x


5 thoughts on “To The Abusers Of Those Who Support Us, The Abused.

  1. *applauds* Don’t sell yourself short lady. This was VERY strong and you put this all together so well and I agree 100%. I am so sorry you had to go through so much and that you still are going through so much. I am sending along strength & healing energies as well as LOTS of positive thoughts and love. We SHALL keep fighting for all forms of abuse no matter what ❤ May you be blessed with better days.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog and your kind words. I have written earlier blogs about Ms Hewson etc. and will continue to do my bit in highlighting abuse. To defend, support, encourage victims to become survivors is something I feel strongly about and am glad to have people like yourself on my ‘side’. Thankyou again.

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      1. I will always be on ‘your’ side so to speak. I am a survivor of various types of abuse so I have always vowed to help do everything you listed 🙂 (This is Cyndi Pilcher btw just changed to a pen name hehe) ❤ ~Blessings~


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