Empathy, Peace and Compassion Should Begin at Home.


I haven’t been on here for a week as I have been unwell but so much has happened, for me and for the entire world as you will all know. For me, I lost a much loved pet last Sunday, without warning and it broke my heart. She was a little black cat who lived with us and her brother for 14 years. I feel privileged to have had her in my life. She was feisty, strong, beautiful and kind. She is already much missed.

We are still waiting to see the Consultant and team for Daniel’s treatment for the cancer recently diagnosed. He is still very well and healthy and no one would know there was anything wrong. The blood test, done as routine, says differently. We see the team on 9th December and will know the way forward. Scary and worrying but nothing we can do but wait.

I am recovering now from a nasty illness that took me by surprise and because I was already very low, hit me hard. But on the way back now thanks goodness.

My next book is back on the ‘in process’ mode and I think I may have a publisher. So watch this space. Everything has been on hold for a long while now and time I got back on board the bus so to speak. I DID TELL and NOBODY TOLD ME have excellent reviews and are still selling, thank you .

Yesterday was my birthday, a day that as a child, I dreaded every year. Those of you who have read I DID TELL I DID will understand why. When my children were growing up and until 2013, Melissa and Lucy made a great fuss of me at this time. Lucy still does but the absence of hearing from Melissa, even though she has hurt me beyond words, still hurts. I had lots of card, emails, messages on here in my author name and my own name and Thankyou all for those. I had a lovely day and had a ‘Happy Birthday message’ from Jack and that meant a lot.

But huge things changed for the whole world this week. The unimaginable happened and Donald Trump became USA president elect. Unbelievable, laughable but scary. In my own life I have seen how those who are the worst kind of people, can influence those who are gullible, vulnerable and open to believe anything. My youngest sister Anne, the evil in my family has told such wicked lies and influenced the gullible in my family and alienated me from them.People I don’t know and who have never met me or even heard of me, have been told lies about things that haven’t happened and I have come out the nasty in it all. Similarities to what has been happening in the world. In my view Mr Trump is a nasty, evil force to be reckoned with and it seems the American people who voted for him have been brainwashed into doing such a thing. The morning after the event, I didn’t read anything positive about him. I didn’t see anyone of Social media pleased that he had succeeded but many who were scared for America and like me, scared for our world.

This week I have read, as the ‘norm’ in the news of horrors and atrocities all over the world, people against people, infighting in countries, one part of a society against the other part, people of one creed against others. Everywhere I read, look or hear, people are hurting each other without thinking twice. It made me ask the question why? Why does it seem to be getting worse? Then I remember something my Nan said to me when I was small, ‘love begins at home. We never hurt family. We should never hurt friends, that way, we will find it hard to hurt others’ .I used to think she was right. How often do we say, ‘we can’t do that’ because the person who has wronged us is family? How often do family ‘get away with it’ when others would have been either pushed outside of our life or remonstrated with for the wrong doing? I know I have. I know I have taken such a lot and done nothing because of the family, especially in my growing years.

Over the past 3 years, ‘family’ have insulted me, hurt me, lied about me, caused me pain, monetary cost and loss. So where was ‘family’ there Nan? You obviously didn’t teach them what you taught me.Throughout life I have taken this, let it go. I may have tried to give my side of the truth, tried to make things right but to no avail. ‘Family’ have shut me out and continue to lie and hurt me. They have encouraged others, who know nothing of me, to believe the slurs and to spread the lies and evil without knowing the truth. So if this is how families behave, what hope have we? If families don’t care about truth, what hope have we to hear the truth from those in power, those who know nothing of the people they lord over.

What I am saying is that love, compassion, forgiveness and empathy should begin at home. If we can be true to our relatives, listen to all sides in any thing we hear, then we will continue to bring that to all aspects of our lives. But if we can’t do this within the confines of ‘family’ how can we expect it of communities, countries, powers etc. The truth is we can’t.

It is a sad indictment that truth is nowhere to be seen, either at home or out there in our beautiful world. Did Trump mean everything he promised? I don’t know. Did he mean all the nasty things he said? I don’t know. But if, like  families, the truth doesn’t matter, if the world family doesn’t matter, if compassion for his fellow man doesn’t count, where does that leave America?


Love, empathy, compassion a, honesty, integrity and love bring peace. Without those in our own worlds and the greater World, we are lost. Think on.

Thankyou for reading x




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