A Letter to The Inner Child of an adult survivor

A reminder of a letter I wrote last year, seems more important today. Perhaps Barbara Hewson would like to read it.


Dear Little One,

In these days of social media and the Internet, there isn’t a day goes by when we don’t read about a child abused, sexually and emotionally. We can’t miss these stories, they take up so much of the press and other media and at times, can seem like the only stories around. When I was growing up, living in my world of sexual abuse and a loveless existence, I never heard of children being hurt in this way. At first I hadn’t realised that I was being abused. I thought every child was treated as I was. I knew I was being hurt, of course I did, I knew that my life was full of cruelty, fear and pain but the word ‘abuse’ I had never heard. Because of this, no one knew how horrid my life was, they saw me going about my life, going to school, behaving in…

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