Lacking in integrity


I haven’t posted of late, have more personal pressing matters to deal with. But have been sent a great many comments, made by people who in all truth, should know better. When someone tells their story, a story of childhood sexual abuse, cruelty, slavery, everyone should be shocked, touched and angry that children have to endure such horror. Even to this day, after having such a childhood myself, I am hurt, shaken and angry every time I read of someone’s suffering. So many victims, coming forward and to be greeted by people who think it funny to make nasty comments or call them names on social media. Not very social in my book! I wrote once about stories of CSA  becoming the ‘norm’, they must never become the ‘norm’. They should always shock, make you angry, make you want to act , protect, prevent in any way that you can.

There have been stories of police not believing victims, stories of survivors being verbally insulted, abused again, on Twitter and other places. Ignorant people may not want to believe that these horrors happen. But they do. I know they do and so does every other victim or survivor of CSA. They, no we, should be applauded, praised and believed. We should be encouraged to tell, thanked for our stories and for ‘outing’ our abusers. Are we? No.  Only then will we encourage sufferers, that coming forward will help them escape their own abuse.

We don’t tell to gain sympathy, to gain publicity, we tell because it is the right thing to do and to stop our abusers harming others. It takes courage, strength and huge bravery and is the hardest thing ever apart from the abuse itself.We need to be believed, we deserve to be believed, acknowledged and supported. I see little evidence of that.

I wrote my own story back when such stories were not told. I hoped it would help any other person who was going through, or who had gone through similar nasty experiences, feel less alone and to enlighten others who knew nothing of such evil happenings behind closed doors.

Some people, the Ms Hewson’s of this world, continue to ridicule, insult and belittle us. I have been appalled at some of the comments made by her. Is she uncaring? Is she ignorant? Is she … well is she real?? Maybe, just maybe, some sick person is using her name to gain notoriety. I find it hard to believe that someone in her position is saying the thing she is. What is her Governing body doing? I am a health professional and I know that if I behaved in this appalling, cruel, uncompassionate manner I would have been struck off!

A few months ago I wrote about this ‘woman’; TIMELAPSE. VICTIM TO SURVIVOR AND BARBARA HEWSON and in my last post talked of her. It seems she won’t go away. Perhaps we should give her no more publicity. I don’t know. I do know that being insulted for telling the truth is wrong and should be stopped.

So a last note to all of you who have been the brunt of insults, ridicule, lies etc , keep telling your story. We as survivors have been through hell and back, no one, not even a barrister such as Ms H. can stop us telling it as it was. Whatever is thrown our way can never be as bad as the horrors we have survived. Well done to everyone who has had the courage to tell.  Stay strong folk.

Thankyou for reading x



One thought on “Lacking in integrity

  1. Hi Cassie Well written, as always. Yes it is Barbara Hewson’s account. Proof has been put forward. There is no doubt. Obviously, it seems totally unbelievable that a barrister would spend their evenings tweeting and deleting vast amounts of insults to child sex abuse survivors, campaigners and decent members of our community, but these are the facts. Why she feels she needs to do this to get some sick ‘kick’, I don’t know. Hopefully she will enlighten the @Barcouncil and then apologise to every person she has insulted on twitter. Then collect her belongings and shut the door on the way out. There is no ‘excuse’ for her behaviour. She is a disgrace to her profession and the human race.

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