No choice. My blog, My truth.

I apologise to those not interested but this is a personal blog so please feel free not to read on.It is very long and very true.

As you know, I write under a pseudonym for legal reasons and privacy. I also write another blog in my real name, family stuff etc. The feud that has been going on between my daughter Melissa and me and now fuelled by lies from my youngest sister Anne, has been relentless and I have had no redress for this. You will have seen remarks on social media, in the past, by both of these women before I blocked them and also from Sophie Blake, Zi Zi Mavindze and others. I have deleted them, mostly because of the language. Mother’s day was particularly horrid and I won’t go over that again but it was the beginning of the demise of my book, through lies told by Anne and Melissa.

My family has always ridiculed me for my honesty, for not telling lies etc but I have never wavered. I have replied to some of the nasty stuff on my social media and some of the emails but not all. This part of my family all live in the same county and see each other, more so now since the vendetta began. Anne had no part in our lives for around 40 years, saw an opportunity to get into Melissa’s life while we were not talking and the rest as they say, is history. She says she loves her family, she doesn’t, she has played no part in it for many many years.. Everything she does is for self gain,, in this instance, to hurt me.

Back in 2012, Melissa took on a baby, she is foster-mother. She already had a little girl from an abusive home whom she just didn’t like. She, as I had warned her would happen, fell in love with the baby girl who she took on at 2 days of age and began proceedings to adopt her, with my support and help. However, I did not like the way she spoke to the older child and told her. Whilst on the phone to me, she would belittle her and shout at her to go to her room, saying  she ‘couldn’t stand the sight of her’, ‘Didn’t even like her and didn’t want her in the house’. I suggested that she asked for this little girl, already damaged, to be moved to a home where she would be loved and cared for. Melissa took offence. I could almost hear the voice of the woman they called my mother, in the things  Melissa said to this poor child. I still supported the adoption, travelled 2 and a half hours each way, rented and paid for a room to meet with the adoption SW. I was to be Melissa’s pivotal support in financial  and emotional matters and had to be interviewed. I did all the paper work for my daughter and supported her  in every way. My home was covered in photos of this baby girl and I wrote about this happy time in our lives, on social media. We were all so excited.But I still did not like the way my daughter was with the older foster child.

The children she fostered came from abusive homes as did this child, sexually abused and damaged, she needed kindness, love, tolerance and patience.Again I wrote to Melissa, and stated my worries in phone-calls, sometimes she rang 2 or 3 times in a day; saying this little one would be better off somewhere else. What I was told by  Melissa was, she needed the money she had for her, to be able to provide for the new baby. I was horrified. I told her that no child was a meal ticket and that she owed it to her foster daughter, to have her moved to a place where the carer could cope with her. Where she would be loved.Things became heated but then we agreed to disagree. End of the matter I thought, I could do no more.

A few days later, she unfriended me on social media, shut me out and blocked me on everything. I was mortified. I tried asking why and she became abusive and I stopped her emails as they were making me ill. My husband Daniel and daughter Lucy, said they thought, that Melissa thought the statement had been signed and returned to the adoption panel by this time. It hadn’t.

The statement arrived the next day, with my glowing reference to my daughter and to our loving and close relationship. It stated that I would be the one she would come to if needed and I was placed in an impossible situation. Melissa had blocked me every way she could and had begun to tell lies as to why, to family and friends. If I signed, it would lead me to be responsible as her pivotal support in everything in the statement. I couldn’t do this as she wasn’t talking to me and had told me to stay out of her and my grandson’s and new granddaughter’s life. I wrote to her and said how hard this was  and what a difficult position she had put me in by blocking me etc and shutting me out of her life.I received abuse back. I wrote to the Adoption Social worker and asked if it would affect the adoption if I didn’t sign, they assured me it wouldn’t. I returned the statement unsigned. This was the beginning and the end of our relationship. It was also the start of this horrid vendetta

Since then I have been accused by Melissa, on social media of ‘trying to have my daughter removed from me’, ‘trying to stop the adoption’ all because I hadn’t ‘got over’ the adoption of Jack, my son.

Emails, social media messages, telling me what I can and can’t put on my own pages, messages from people I don’t even know and who don’t know me. Comments on my blogs, reviews on my books, all lies and all by my sister, my daughter and their ‘friends’.

On Mother’s day Melissa sent a horrid photo saying ‘Mom you’re shit’ on my Facebook page, in my real name and on Cassie Harte. These comments were written in her own name, her real name and with her photo. I removed it because it was upsetting and nasty. This lead to many comments from her  and her aunt, all in their real names and having profile photos, as commenting on FB does.Others on my page commented in my defence, including my son Jack. After Mothers day I wrote an apology on Facebook re the nasty things written by Melissa etc and this is what they sent, in isolation, to my publisher and what led to the demise of I DID TELL I DID. By identifying themselves and then me using their real names, as they had done this the previous day, I had been identified and that was why the book was compromised and taken off sale. Then Melissa, not satisfied with that, wrote and complained about a blog I had written telling of this event, I lost my publishing contract.

It all sounds pathetic, written down, but remember, this is my daughter I am talking about. A woman who professed how proud of me she was when I wrote my first book and how much she loved me. Now trying to destroy my life. Aided and abetted by my ‘sister’.

Since then, I have had messages telling me to remove photos, comments etc from social media. I have had nasty comments written on my WordPress and an email from Anne claiming to be the grandma of my grandchildren. I have had comments from people who are on their friend lists, people who don’t know me, making threats, maligning and insulting me.

I mentioned my brother on my real Facebook page, as I often did, saying how he sometimes knew more about my life here, than I did. A joke, as he had thought Lucy had moved back into a house built on our land. He had been told that by ‘family’.  She hasn’t. The following day I received a phone-call from him, he was very upset. His daughter had gone round and told her dad that I was saying  that he,Tom was ‘feeding me information’ and vice versa . I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about but he said he couldn’t stand the stress as he is a sick man and so needed me to break contact. I was devastated. I asked him if he believed these lies, he doesn’t use or have a computer, never seen Facebook etc. So this was only what he was told. I asked if he believed what was said he said he didn’t but couldn’t take the shouting and abuse from his daughter who was very upset. I was devastated, Tom and I had always been close and always there for each other. The next thing I hear is that my niece had posted a long nasty letter full of lies on her Facebook page, accusing me of all sorts of nasty things. This began a lengthy bout of abuse from her daughter and a friend. I was by this time, tired, heartbroken and betrayed. My youngest sister had done exactly the same to my sister Rosie, who again has no computer and can’t read and , she was told at New Year, that I had posted ‘evil comments’ on Facebook about Tom and my Dad William, which of course I hadn’t. She has broken all ties with me. I have no way of making this right. I live around 8 hours away from all of them , have poor health and the animals to look after, I can’t just up and visit. This is the only way I have of putting the truth out there.

The reason for writing today’s blog is to do just that.This is the only way I have of defending myself against libel published on a blog that is currently going around. It states that I have published a book that failed the first time around,(actually I DID TELL sold more than 100,000 copies) naming every member of my family. It states I promised to reveal the truth of what the book was taken down in the 2nd edition and how that would damage my daughter’s reputation and livelihood and ruin her life. That I am trying to cause my ‘family ‘ trouble and that I threaten family and bully them. She says on this blog that I ‘know whatever she write will have serious consequence for family’. My book has been out now for 7 years and now this?

In the past few months particularly, I have felt like the scared, betrayed, isolated child that I was. This time being bullied and abused on social media by ‘family’.

I have asked for this blog to be taken down but it is still there and being read by anyone. I know these people well enough to know they will make sure other ‘family ‘ members read it. If it were true, then I would have no problem but it isn’t, it is lies and falsehoods and damaging. They have tried to ruin my writing career and have my book taken out of circulation and failed. They are now trying to ruin my reputation in my own name and so affect my professional standing. I can no longer sit back and let this happen.

I have told my side now, but not everything. I have outlined the last 3 years but not given all the facts. This has to stop before someone gets much more than they bargained for.

I intend to write a similar blog on my own name page, where the people responsible for this bullying will be named in their own names. People on there, my family and friends are in support of this and know I have no choice. Those who don’t know about the abuse from these members of my family, will now know the truth.

For the record, I have not named anyone in their real names in either of my books and yes, I did tell the truth about why my book was taken down, in my 2nd edition, but not the facts behind everything that happened. I never intended to name anyone in my books now or in the future but not so sure now. They have done that themselves by copying and pasting comments made by Melissa and co, on my Facebook page and now on this blog, in their real names. They have identified themselves by commenting using their own profile photos and again, names. I used a line a few years ago, that read, ‘When stupidity and evil meet, you’re gonna get caught’. Consider yourself caught!


Thank you for reading this and I hope you understand why I have written it. Cassie xx





2 thoughts on “No choice. My blog, My truth.

  1. Hi Cassie, I very much admire your perseverance through such a turbulent and difficult time. I am very sorry that there is so much misunderstanding, and I really hope that people like Rosie learn the truth somehow. Keep your chin up…in the end, the truth will prevail.


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