The negatives to positives ! A happy blog.

2 weeks ago,in my blog ‘The Explanation’, I told you all that the publisher had given me two choices and that I was deciding which way to go re I DID TELL I DID. They were going to see if the book could continue with them and this would depend on my gaining letters from everyone important in my story ,consenting to the publication. The second choice was for me to have my Rights reverted and either find another publisher or self publish. I was still deciding but had almost made my mind up, to take the second option. Asking people to write these letters, almost 7 years after my story was published, seemed a ludicrous thing to do . At least 4 of my family have died in the interim period and others I have lost touch with . So taking back the Rights seemed the better option, thus not asking anything of anyone. I knew Steve would agree and most of the other important people.

I understand that my publisher felt they had to remove the book from sale as my relatives had threatened to take legal action. Litigation is a great fear in the literary world. Also, anonymity, hence the pseudonym, was of utmost importance. Anne and Melissa had identified themselves and named me, thus identifying others in my book, so my publisher had no choice.

As you know, it was my eldest daughter and youngest sister who rang the publisher with lies about me identifying them on social media. So I was not surprised to have another email from my publisher, last week, stating that once again, Melissa had contacted them, because she wasn’t happy about the content of my blog! Of course she didn’t like the blog , because it told the truth about why she is intent on destroying me. I am not going over it again as I did this in the blog mentioned above. I had taken all the rubbish these two women have dealt out over the past 3 years, negative reviews on Amazon; comments and lies on my WordPress, that I did not allow; nasty cruel lies on my Facebook page on Mother’s Day and comments on Melissa’s  Twitter account, that I replied to and she deleted. Cowardly.Because of all of that, I felt the ‘Explanation’ to be necessary.

None of what has happened between my daughter and myself should have involved anyone else. It should have remained private but she and her aunt made it public. It was personal and certainly should not have involved my publisher, Melissa and Anne should have contacted me. But I am sad to say, they are cowards and so would never have done that. They find it easy to lie, ‘through the back door’ so to speak. Most of what they have done has been over the Internet in one way or another. Never to me , to my face. Anne once said ‘I don’t hide behind a screen to write I say it to a person’s face’, after I had typed a letter to her when her mother, the woman they called my mother, died. I type because my handwriting is so bad. Now all she uses is a screen. I find to hurt and insult someone, either through social media or on the telephone to involve a third-party, is both cowardly and bullying.

Perhaps I will face them both and see how brave they are then!

The result of this last contact from my daughter to my publisher has resulted in my contract being terminated. To say I was gutted and mortified is an under statement. You all know how hard it was for me to write my story and how proud I was about how it has helped others. A feeling I need to find again. Anne has always had her own agenda, one no one else knows and in my opinion doesn’t have a foundation.

I have told readers how ill this has made me and I am still very broken and battered by it all. Yes, I am still hurting, shocked that people feel the need to go around destroying people’s lives. Of Anne, I can believe it but Melissa?

But! I have decided today that I will turn all of what has happened into a new start. In a way these nasty people have done me a favour. Now I am no longer under contract and have the Rights to my book, they have nowhere to go to complain, nowhere to take their lies. I don’t have another publisher, and my original publisher cannot become involved, as I am not their author any longer; a fact, I am sure is a relief  to them, after the trouble caused by my ‘family’. Melissa can no longer ‘tell tales out of school’ spread her evil lies because I am now independent, there is no one to tell.

This could be a new chance for I DID TELL I DID, a chance to reach new readers, a whole new audience. I will keep the title but change the front cover. Maybe I will take the opportunity to tell the reason for my book becoming a second edition, the reason for this new publication. Maybe tell the whole sorry story about what my daughter has done to me. For some, in certain circles, this will, I am sure, make interesting reading. I might even add a chapter, ‘Life after publication” tell the bits left out, fill in the blanks, still thinking about this. There are many things I can do with my new book, so maybe , in a way, yes, they have done me a favour.

So, a new start, a positive uplifting start to this new chapter in my literary life. In my last blog, my ‘Thankyou’s’,  I expressed my thanks for everyone who has supported me during the past 6 plus years. I say it again. Most of these years have been amazing, I have met wonderful sincere people who keep in touch no matter what. Those who ‘have my back’, those who send love, those who make me laugh, thank you all so much.

I am now about to make the decisions mentioned above and put my new plan of action into play. I hope it won’t be too long before I DID TELL, complete with new front cover, is back where it belongs, on sale.

Watch this space! Bye for now everyone. x


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