The explanation

For those asking for the Why.


Well what a few weeks I have had.

Just before Lucy’s wedding my youngest sister ,Anne and my eldest daughter, Melissa, tried very hard to ruin my writing career. They had done many things before, my youngest sister, a ‘nasty piece of work’ as my Nan would have said, has always disliked me. Not when she was a child but over the past adult years.People have said she was jealous of me and she did once say yes she was, of my intellect at least. Well I think her jealousy should have been about my honesty and integrity and nothing else. My eldest daughter though well that’s something  different thing all together.

Over the years, Melissa has said how lucky she is to have a Mum like me, has told me how proud she was of me, of my writing my story, the courage that took. She thanked me over and over…

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