What the world needs now is ………….

Yesterday the world was reeling from the atrocities that took place on Friday 13th, in France, the Lebanon, Kenya and other places. Human life taken in the most horrific cowardly manner. All across the world, there is now a rotten fermenting virus that is out to kill, terrify and main anyone in its path and beyond. I feel it is too late for deterrents, too late for talk and much too late to stop in any other way than annihilation. I am against killing, against war and against hurting the innocent in any way. The perpetrators of these horrors are not innocent. They show no love, no care, and most of all no respect for anyone or anything. They are selfish, bullying cowards and have to be stopped.

The one good thing that this has shown, is the love and solidarity for our fellow man. The showing of the French flags all over social media, remind us all that we are all in the same kind of danger. That we will when necessary, unite and stand firm, stand together. After all, these excuses for mankind are destroying people, and will or could ultimately destroy the world. There are some that don’t agree with this stand , this show of love and they need to respect others for feeling that it is the least they can do.

My thoughts today are all about how this could happen. I could go down the political route and say that something should have been done long before now. That we all knew of the existence of ISIS, saw a  long time ago the horrors they were capable of. I think,to us the everyday person, nothing was being done to stamp out this group when it was a small, just few terrorists. But we could see they were different, wicked and evil, showing the world in film, the horrors they committed in front of the cameras. These were dangerous men who respected nothing.We knew that, everyone knew that but nothing was seemingly being done to stop them. If you have a bowl of fruit and one of the apples is bad. Do you leave it in the bowl to spread its disease to the rest of the fruit? No, you take it out and throw it away. Enough said.

Back to everyday life. I have noticed as many of you will have noticed, the lack of respect that is around in this day. I am not going to blame an age group, a generation, I feel that there is no respect anywhere very much from anyone. Respect breeds manners, politeness, honesty and care and concern for others etc.

One of the few positives from my childhood is that I was taught respect. I was always taught to respect my elders, other people’s feelings, other people’s property. To show respect for the things around me that did not belong to me. Most of all I was taught to respect other people’s belief and religions.As I grew up I realised, quite late in life, that my respect for my own mother wasn’t that, it was fear. My mother did not know honesty, she didn’t believe in the truth, my whole life was built on lies. I did as she said or else!!

When I became a parent, I showed respect as I had always done and taught my daughters the same. . As a parent to Lucy and Melissa, I taught them in a way that was kinder than in my own upbringing. Melissa told me a few years ago that she was a bit afraid of me when she was young but I hope she was not afraid but respected me. These two feelings can easily be confused but had she had my mother as a parent, she would know what fear was. I taught them to respect my opinion, my knowledge, my experience and most of all because I was their Mum and I loved them. But the most important ingredient of respect that I taught them and hoped for in return, was to respect truth and honesty.

Sadly, although I loved my children and brought them up as best I could, I know that even with them, the lack of respect is apparent. Not with Lucy but with Melissa. As time has gone on and things did not suit her, she rewrote history to fit in with what she wanted. Sadly she has become caught up in her aunt Anne, a person very much like our mother and as a bad apple, has infected those around her, including Melissa with no care or respect for anyone. So I failed.

The reason for today’s post is to ask each and every one of you to try to do your bit. We can’t change the world. We can’t teach the ‘people’ who are intent on destruction and murder to respect but I believe we can do something. We can teach our children this old-fashioned value. We can teach them to value their family, their friends, property, feelings and above all Truth. It starts with us. It starts today. It starts now!

My family is grown now and one of my daughters has all of the qualities I hopefully taught her and I think Jack has the same. I can’t influence Melissa because the rot has already set in I am sad to admit. But in my life, my professional role and as an author, I can help teach anyone who listens, anyone who accepts that we need to change, I can and will teach them in the kindest but firmest way I know how, to show respect.

These evil perpetrators of horror and cowardly murder, in our world today,are beyond being taught. They are brainwashed into thinking they are right. Believe that they are doing these atrocities in the name of religion. If they have a God and if their God tells them to carry out these horrors,he is no God I have ever heard of, or want to. If it is this belief that says they can do these evil things to innocent people. If they  really believe that they can win this war and gain control of the whole of mankind, they are wrong. They can’t. If we begin at the beginning. If we teach the children coming through. If we stand up and hold firm for what is right, they will not win.

Love begins at home. Honesty, truth and respect begin at home. From today, let’s all start again and spread the word, that respect breeds kindness and love. After all, if this is war, then no one wins.

Thank you for reading x


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