Sexual abuse by ‘proxy’.

Well this has been a difficult week here on the farm and I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say today’s blog is a rather angry one. Loss does that. Pain does that. Memories do that. This week I have suffered each and every one of these emotions. Each one can make us angry and today my writing might reflect a great deal of anger and frustration.

Yesterday I read about the men who were punished but not jailed, even though they had hundreds of images of children being raped and abused. One was a man of the cloth, another a teacher and many more. Why did they not get the sentence they deserved? So they didn’t actually rape or sexually abuse the children whose photographs they looked, at to gain perverted pleasure. No they didn’t commit the actual evil deed. But every time an image is viewed, that child is being abused all over again. Abuse by proxy. To look at and look for such nasty pictures and videos, makes them as guilty as the perpetrator of the actual crime in my book. Everyone of them must have the kind of mind that enjoys seeing the pain, the fear and terror that these poor children go through. Must get some sexual enjoyment at the cost of these youngsters. Isn’t it enough that the act was committed in the first place? What kind of mind does someone have to have to even think about these horrors being inflicted on children?

Then there was the horrible case of around 6 men, one from my own home town, having abused children and babies in horrific ways. Any abuse of a child or baby, especially sexual is horrific. There are no levels, each is a crime against the vulnerable. Each is evil, wicked and horrific. I know first hand how this can leave a legacy for the whole of that child’s life. At least some of these men will serve long sentences, not long enough, as the children involved will have a life sentence, even if they receive help. The memories don’t disappear.

During the nasty that was Jade Louise Wood, back in 2012, she told me stories of the most evil incidents carried out on babies and young children. Sexually depraved stories and at that time, I was stunned and believed everything she told me. Imagine the nightmares I had after talking to her, hearing the things, unimaginable horrors, that she told me had happened in front of her, to baby girls and pre school children. Of course I believed her, I believed every wicked story she told me. It never entered my head that anyone could make up such explicit evil in their own heads, for fun. To scare me into keeping in touch with her in case she harmed herself. She told me, then wrote down every single depraved act and then , in the guise of the recipient of my emails, informing the police, read the details back. The police sergeant dealing with this, said she must have ‘got a kick’ out of her stories, three times over. Once when she told me, then when she wrote the evil details to me and again when she read my reply with them written down for the ‘police’. What kind of a mind must she have? What person of any decency could do that? This was why I insisted that she was stopped from doing her job as a nanny, or working with children or vulnerable young adults ever again. The police, the CPS and the courts agreed and she is banned from doing this work.  Some might say I should forget what she did to me but I won’t. She is a dangerous individual and people like her need to be outed. My Nan used to say, about people who thought badly of others, ‘evil doers evil thinkers’. Makes you wonder..

We don’t only need to give sentences that reflect these crimes, to those caught having abused children but to anyone involved. Anyone who knows about them, runs websites, deals in the images etc. People who cry rape for there own ‘enjoyment’ as Jade Wood did, they all deserve to be punished severely. They all feed this horrible addiction to child sexual abuse that must be stopped. If you think it, view it or commit the actual crime, you are evenly guilty. Only then will we stop this most horrendous of crimes.

I saw a post on Twitter this week:

‘When you abused this little girl you never expected her to grow up and fight back. Well here I am!!’

I echo those sentiments and hope that every one of us who have come forward and told our stories will encourage any child harmed in this way, to tell. To talk about it and have the abuser punished. This might, only might, stop these evil people from committing this worst of all crimes against children.

Thank you for reading. Please comment if you can. x


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