Abuse of a Different Kind.

It has  been quite a while since I blogged, not been up to writing for a long time now. I am still struggling, as you will see from today’s blog, with the happenings back in 2012; they still haven’t left me and left a legacy that I am finding difficult to deal with. I spent most of my adulthood hiding from my past and pretending all was well. I worked hard on my ‘issues’ during my training and writing I DID TELL, I was able to put the horrors at the back of my mind and concentrate on the new Cassie. The whole woman, healed and a survivor. But as you know, 2012 and Jade Louise Wood put paid to that.

Today I felt I wanted to write about a different kind of abuse, something that has touched me big time by the evil that was Jade Wood but has been brought back into my life by the request from a journalist.

I have been invited to share my story once again. It appears that people like my perpetrator are not as few as I had hoped they were. Someone else, someone who has suffered the ultimate pain, has found herself where I have been. Broken and in pain and disbelief, with all the raw emotions that were present at the worst of times for any human being.

It seems , like Jade Wood, her abuser, because that is what these people are, gave no thought to the damage they were doing, to a vulnerable woman, who had been devastated beyond belief, having seen them as easy prey. They couldn’t have even considered what they did, if they had, these crimes would not have happened.

As Jade Wood did, both perpetrators and others who commit such nasty crimes do, they rewrite history and then appear to the world as reformed beings. Pure and innocent, whilst we, the victims know different. Both this other person and myself have had experience of these horrible offences at the hands of Internet Trolls and both of us have lasting damage. This, I believe, to be the reason I have been approached to be part of this article, to try and warn people of the existence of scum like this who prey on people with a sad past.

I have agreed to be part of this only if the other party requests me to be party to it. The hoaxing parts correlate with me but the life stories are very different. I was approached out of the blue but with this second case of hoaxing. against a person with a much higher profile than mine, perhaps we can get the evil people who feel it okay, to barge into another’s life and trample all over their raw emotions, with no regard to the damage they do, or no care about his, to be tried in court and receive a punishment fit for the crime they commit. I also feel such people should be banned from using Social media or email as part of this punishment.

In my  own case, Jade Louise Wood was sentenced  but got off lightly. She had one years probation, a small fine, paid for with her social benefits and a Restraining order which she breached. She has continuously ‘talked ‘ to me over Twitter, using my intial C the same way she always spoke to me, continually referencing and lying . I watched her blog and account for a long while because I had to know the lies she was spreading and keep one step ahead of her. She has now accused me of stalking her. If I have, then perhaps she needs to report that and then the truth can be told. But like all trolls, she is a coward and will only do these things behind a screen and then block those who know the truth.

I am still recovering from the 6 months of trying to help her. I still can’t do my professional job, still get flashbacks from the stories and pictures she sent. Still have nightmares of my own abuse, that her wicked hoax on me  brought back to the front of my mind. I thought I had hidden it well but Jade Wood pulled every trigger and walked away with no thought for the damage she caused. I had tried many times over those 6 months to back off and every time I did, she threatened to harm herself so I stayed. She knew exactly which buttons to press.

The other victim of trolls I am referring to for this article, as I said, suffered the worst pain , the worst loss that anyone can suffer. How the perpetrator of the crime of trolling, could do this to her, knowing her story, is beyond me but sadly believable after my own experience.

Trolls, once identified, should be prevented by law from using Social media or email, or be anywhere where they can harm vulnerable innocent people. The punishment should reflect the severity of their actions. I already serve a life sentence, having been a victim of child sexual abuse, something I have worked hard to break free from. I worked hard on myself and worked hard with other sufferers to help them become survivors. I do very little of this work, if any,currently . The person in question, who may want me to support her story by my telling my own, is also serving a life sentence of pain and loss, whilst the  offender walks free.

When trolls damage us and walk away, leaving behind hurt, damage and life long harm and people like Jade Wood just get on with their lives with no remorse and no damage to their lives, it make me wonder what is fair. I am sure the other victim in this story feels the same.

Perhaps the law does us an injustice perhaps like the other victim, I need to think about Civil Action, perhaps that is the only answer, I don’t know. All I  do know is that these wicked nasty people need to be stopped. If I can help in that I will do so willingly.

There is a great deal of talk currently around the child abuse scandals all over the country. I hope the victims will all become survivors and never have to go through the sufferings that internet Trolls inflict. I worry when I read the victims real names and am concerned that this might leave them open to this different kind of abuse.The law has to change, the punishment should fit the crime. Thank you for reading.





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