What a World We Live In.

I don’t buy newspapers or magazines because they seem to be all about cruelty, murder, terrorism and betrayal. But recently I have had to, as part of some research I am doing and I am horrified at some of the stories I have read. The atrocities of war, what one human being does to another, usually in the name of religion or another excuse to kill. I have had to read hundreds of stories of sexual abuse against children, something I myself experienced for most of my life. You read of people inflicting, physical and/or emotional pain and fear on others beyond anything read before. The horrors that people are  capable of inflicting on another, never cease to horrify me.

Everyday we hear of some dreadful cruelty on animals, both abroad and in this country. Barbaric acts, dog fighting, skinning animals alive, baiting of animals, hunting of animals; all in the name of ‘sport’. We see cruelty to animals beyond comprehension. Beating, chasing, humiliating and killing them for man’s gratification. None of these things are about religion, sport, or food, or a mental illness but about power and greed and fulfilling a person’s depraved need.

Some of these so-called members of the human race, will tell you that what they are doing is right.  They will tell you that they are continuing a sport that has been present for hundreds of years. Well, I would like to tell them that we are now in the 21st century and just because it has taken us this long to acknowledge that these things are wrong, never made them right in the first place!

Some will even make the excuse that they are ‘ill’.

They all have one thing in common, Betrayal.

Our television news is full of horrific historic stories of sexual abuse on our children. These stories are coming thick and fast, usually about so-called ‘celebrity’ perpetrators, or people in public life who have been accused of abuse over the years of children and young people. Believe me, this is the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of children, abused by friends or family, will never come forward, never tell their stories. Those who are guilty, in my opinion, deserve all of the bad publicity, all of the punishments dealt to them. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I admire those who have come forward and salute those trying to get justice. For those who can’t or don’t tell of their betrayal, abuse, I send them my love. For me, that will never happen and I will carry the scars from my childhood all of my life. But they will not define me!


As I said, one of the common factors is betrayal. As children suffering abuse, the abuser has betrayed our trust, those we told, betrayed us and continued to do so by turning their heads to the wall.

Those guilty of harming defenceless animals, betray their trust. We betray every good human being on this planet by harming another species or our own.

Lack of respect is also shared by the perpetrators of all of the ‘crimes’ above. Personally, I believe that a lack of respect for others, for animals and for another person’s material possessions or their emotional needs is unforgivable.

Then we come to dishonesty. Abusers live dishonest lives. They keep their secrets, no matter how evil, to themselves. Friends and family often see them as pillars of society and it comes as a shock when they are ‘found out’. How often do we read or hear ‘but he seemed such a nice man’.?

As a child I was betrayed, treated with no respect and my whole life was a lie. As an adult I have always tried to live an honest life, to respect others and especially animals. Betrayal is not in my nature.

A few years ago, after struggling for years to move forward from my past, I met dishonesty on a huge scale, a lack of respect bigger than any I had encountered, since childhood . As for betrayal, well yes, I believed someone, gave them my all. Time, care and concern and love. Willingly, believing they needed those things. When I found out that everything I had been told was a lie, all the pain she put me through was for her own gratification, I felt like that little damage child I had been. Jade Louise Wood did all of that to me and so I know how cruel people can be.

So, at times, hearing the news, reading the paper, watching the television, it is hard to remember the good. Difficult to believe that life has love and beauty in it. Reading about the atrocities I have mentioned, no wonder some times we feel low and wonder what life is all about.

I just want to remind you that life can be good. There is beauty all around you. People in general are kind, good and not out to hurt you. Yes that’s hard to believe but the world is a beautiful place and we need reminding of how to see that.

I was almost changed, lost after 2012 and it changed me for a while but I won’t let it anymore.

Look around you, see the wonders of this planet, the flowers, the trees, nature in her glory. Thank people who are kind to you, smile at those who are not. Love and you will be loved back. Take time to tell those you love how you feel. Spend some time outdoors, spend some with animals, dogs cats and horses. Feel their trust and love. Not everyone is bad, not every person who asks for help is a liar. Not everyone is a Jade Wood.

The world is not full of ‘nasties’, it just seems like it sometimes. Don’t let it. Smile and look up to the skies. We are a tiny piece of creation, let’s make sure we are the best of the our species. Thank you for reading.x


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