Family, Friends and the Truth

 Bit of a mixed week this week but getting better. Something happened that made me think how we see people we care about, differently from how others see them. Sometimes this is because they put on a façade either in front of us or infront of everyone else. We never want to think badly of our nearest and dearest, even if someone else knows the truth.

As you know, I was interviewed for an article in a magazine recently and Jade Wood ‘had her say’. That evening I had  an abusive phone call, to my own home from a young man. I believe this to be her brother but don’t know that for sure. If it was him, that is unforgivable on two counts. One her brother has learning difficulties or special needs, not sure which or both but she told the world this in her blog. If he made that call, he must have been told to do so. I will know that very shortly for sure. Secondly, it came into my home. I don’t know how  or whoever it was obtained my number as  it is unlisted and not that of Cassie Harte’s. As I wrote last week, a friend of her mother, a lady I contacted to warn her of her own name being used, obviously does not believe the extent or the depth of gravity the ‘hoax crime’ this nasty young woman was capable of. I understand that. I wouldn’t want to hear, let alone believe these things about anyone I cared about either. But she is and they were. Horrific.

As I have said on Facebook, I was contacted this week by another journalist who wanted me to be part of an article between me and Jade Wood! I declined. I have no problem with her writing it from her side, she has already done that on her blog but left out the gruesome evil details. I was offered money if I took part in this, I still declined, I have no wish to be on the same page as her. My issue is that I have been named by Miss Wood in my real name and the journalist is saying they will publish my name. If this happens, I will have no alternative than to take this further. I know ‘her ‘ story will be lies, she knows nothing but lies in my experience of her, Jade Wood. But this crime was against me, all the calls etc. were all to me as Cassie the author, not as me the Psychotherapist.  

This week, I had made up my mind not to write the book about this horrible time, not to allow a national paper to take this story with all the gruesome details, all the emails, the ‘disclosures’ .I wanted to  allow others to become wary of people like her on the net. Also to allow others to make their own minds up about who has been wronged here. The article written already, I hope did this. But if my name, my real name is published, I will blow the  lid off everything. I will have nothing to lose!   I have told my publishers of this journalists intent and hope they will take it from here. They are so much more powerful than I am.

The one other thing I will have to do, as I no longer feel safe in my own home, is to take the phone message and number to the police and they will find out for sure who it was. I don’t want to do this in case it is someone innocent put up to making the call, but I will have no choice. I know already the area it came from but have not acted on it yet.

Today, I was told of the recent blog from this young woman, where she states she is mentally sick. As I said last week, if she had been and if she had been diagnosed before the court case, if the police had known this and believed it, this would have been taken into account. It wasn’t. She states that she has posted a copy of a report by a doctor that proves this. She also says this report was written last year. Her crime was in 2012. I write psychiatric/psychological reports , or rather I did when I worked, and the reports are an account of what the patient tells you. Not evidence of conditions given me by the patient as information asked for.If I had been told a client/patient had Munchausens, I would write that down. I wouldn’t check it out, I would write it down and work accordingly. The report is a history of events as given to him by the patient. The whole of the 6 months of horror, was a lie, why would I or anyone believe anything this woman says.? In a consulting room, you have to work with what you are told, believe the client.

If what I have heard and if she is sick in the psychiatric sense, I feel sorry for her but sorrier that it wasn’t mentioned or believed in court. If it had been, I still couldn’t have stopped the case. Whether sick or not and the courts said not, the case was brought by the police not by me. Again, everything I have written is based on what I know and what I believed from the police and CPS. I too have evidence of everything that happened but don’t feel the need to publish it on here. It was not my decision to take her to court, I had gone to the police because I was genuinely scared for her and for myself. They prosecuted her  but wanted me to agree to it, so that they could use my evidence. They knew of her before my contact with them. The thing that seems to have been forgotten in all of this, is that she came to me. Not the other way round.

So, if I am going to be named and have to face everything that causes me, I will have no choice. I will accept the offer from a National paper, I will write the book with everything in it and I will ask the police to look into the malicious phone call. As I said,  I will have no choice. A great deal of damage has been done to me and my family. I won’t let her cause anymore without fighting back. Thank you for reading this post. xx


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