Two Kinds of Sickness




I haven’t written for a couple of weeks, busy trying to decide whether or not to pursue this issue any further. As I said before, the magazine where the article about Jade Louise Wood was published would not have been my first choice. The reason it became the right place to appear was that the readers of such a magazine may be the people I needed to reach to warn them. The same people who read my books, possibly people who would try and help others without thinking of their own emotional safety. People who care.

There are many warnings ‘out there’ about youngsters forming friendships over the web and arranging to meet the new ‘friend’. Sometimes with horrific consequences. People can say anything on social media, pretend to be anyone and we are none the wiser. People on dating sites, the same. The warnings are out there all the time about these things and so they should be, sadly, it is necessary that we all take heed..

My reason for wanting to reach a wide audience, contrary to what Jade Woods. family think, was and is not to get back at her but to warn others that there are people like her, contacting vulnerable people and spinning their web of lies. Once that receiver of these lies is reeled in, anything can  happen, as I know only too well.

Normally I would not have been so vulnerable, but I was, for reasons I have stated before. This young woman made her story believable by making up false identities, along with Facebook profiles and photos of people who didn’t exist. She did this by Digital Kidnapping, stealing photos from people on the net, some her friends. They were all her. I would be talking to these ‘people’ trying to help her and become more and more involved in this horrific ‘story’. It has caused me damage and pain and it seems is not over yet.

My intention today, was to post emails that she sent to me to show others just how depraved this woman’s mind is. To post the photos she sent of the baby boy, critically ill on  life support, allegedly the little boy she  had given birth to shortly after a phone call with me. The following day after photos of her ‘Aunt’ cuddling this baby boy, the child died. She sent me photos of his grave later, with flowers and the teddy I had given him.. Horrid traumatic photos of something I believed to be true. I thought of posting the photos of every child whose picture she sent to me,children whose photos she lifted from Facebook and other places but I am not going to do that. I said also that I would copy and paste a couple of the horrendous emails she sent about what these men had done to her, done to her babies. Explicit doesn’t cover it, but I am not going to do that today. I have kept everything she sent and the police saw a lot of it but not all of it.  But I won’t place them here. Not today anyway. I know how hard it was  read the filth, the sexually explicit nasties she sent and don’t want to inflict that on anyone reading my blog. As for the photos , pictures of her friend’s babies and other children, I am not going to do that either. I don’t know who reads this blog but it would be unforgivable if this friend, or a relative came on here to read it and saw photos of children that were theirs or whom they knew. So I won’t. My main reason for doing the things I have just mentioned was to allow her family and friends, those who don’t believe she is capable of such evil, to read her own wicked stories and lies. But I am not going to do that today. I can only hope, that reading the article and maybe reading this, the people who she knows, who have children, will be made aware of how dangerous the crime against me was. I did, at the beginning of all of this, contact the babies mum and grandmother, and the best friend of Jade Wood’s mother, whose name was used in her lies. Only the friend replied and asked me why I had written and I told her briefly. After her talking to Jade Wood and her mother, she wrote and said she believed JW. After the article was published, she contacted the journalist and wanted her to have a counter story published but she was refused as the journalist has seen the evidence in JW’s own words. JW. had confessed to the journalist what she had done. But not the whole truth.

However, as I said on Facebook, this evil young woman did not come to me as a client , she didn’t know at this point about my other professional role, she came to me as an author, a kindred spirit, someone who could relate to her ‘suffering’ is what she made me believe. She did this at a time when I was grief stricken and she knew that.  I didn’t even know her name. Had never heard of her, unlike the Stafford Police who had , long before I went to them.

She came to me in my home and turned my life upside down with her lies. Now, she has done it again. An unforgivable intrusion into my private and personal life. Cowardly .

At the end of the article, the journalist has used Jade Wood’s own words. Saying she has Munchausen’s syndrome. This condition was used by her lawyer, which the police thought to be an excuse by her defence team. She had been psychiatrically assessed, through the courts and found not to be sick in this sense. If she had been found to be suffering from a mental illness, firstly I would have asked them to drop the case, secondly she would not have received the sentence that she did. They would not have thought of her as a danger to children and vulnerable people, which they did and have made sure she won’t be able to do this again. She has  a Barring and Disclosure order against her to prevent her working with children or vulnerable people . They had read some of her emails but not the worst, I wonder if her sentence would have ben more severe if they had read them all. She would have been sent to a specialist centre and treated for the condition. I have worked with patients who have this condition and are on treatment or families of suffers. None like JW. I have put the criteria for this condition, below as per the DSM 1V, (the medical ‘bible’ for psychiatric conditions).

As the title of this blog says, there are two types of sickness, the real and genuine kind where a patient needs and deserves help and treatment and then there is the evil kind. This type of sickness needs stopping and punishing. What happened to me and others, was by someone sick in the evil sense.

The next step is one I am still thinking about. Yes I want the world to know that there are other people like her, out there waiting to entrench some other vulnerable person and I want to stop or prevent that if I can. But I was told the other day that I can’t save the world. I have always known that but it has never stopped me from trying. The person who told me is very dear to me, he also said he was afraid for me. I can’t let fear stop me trying to get the message out there. To warn others of getting caught in this evil trap and getting hurt. So I am still trying to decide whether I take the opportunity to have this story in the National press. They must feel it is important or wouldn’t ask if I would go this public.

None of this, the article, this blog, the newspapers is to get back at her, nothing can do that. The damage to me and my family is done. Some irreparable, some not. But it happened and is done. My only reason for the article is to make some people stop and think before becoming involved with someone they don’t know. My other reason is this. In my work, I often saw people who had been hurt or in  trouble at the hands of someone who always used to talk about doing horrid things  or made up stories of such.No one believed they would ever act on it. Then they did and someone was hurt.

Giving her the benefit of any doubt,I had offered to go into the same room with this woman, before the case went to court, Restorative Justice it is called but I wasn’t allowed to. The officer in charge said he wouldn’t want me in the same room as this ‘nasty bit of work’ referring to Jade Wood. My big concern is that those around her, who believe her to have been involved in a little email stalking, don’t know the truth or the extent to which this young woman went. They don’t believe the depravity and sexual phantasy she is capable of. They see her as ‘poor Jade’ , she just needed a friend. She has friends, I have photos of her with them. She isn’t lonely, she is a fraud. I have spoken with someone who thought she was a good friend, someone she was with at cheerleading, she betrayed that girls’ trust as well as mine.  Her family and friends feel it is all over now. I know it isn’t, not for me. I also believe that when a person’s mind is as wicked as hers, who knows what she is capable of. I wouldn’t want her any where near anyone I loved or anyone full stop. Another thing the Officer dealing with her said, when asked by the courts about the Barring order, ‘put it this way, I wouldn’t want her around my children’. The Order was made.

So my dilemma is , do I go to the National Press or do I not? Only I can make this decision and this time I have to think of what is right for me. Watch this space.

Have a great Bank holiday.x

Munchausen’s syndrome

Munchausen’s syndrome is a psychological and behavioural condition where someone pretends to be ill or induces symptoms of illness in themselves.

It is also sometimes known as factitious disorder.

People with the condition intentionally produce or pretend to have physical or psychological symptoms of illness.

Their main intention is to assume the “sick role” to have people care for them and be the centre of attention.

Any practical benefit for them in pretending to be sick – for example, claiming incapacity benefit – is not the reason for their behaviour.

Munchausen’s syndrome is named after a German aristocrat, Baron Munchausen, who became famous for telling wild, unbelievable tales about his exploits.

Types of behaviour

People with Munchausen’s syndrome can show different types of behaviour, including:

  • pretending to have psychological symptoms – for example, claiming to hear voices or claiming to see things that are not really there
  • pretending to have physical symptoms – for example, claiming to have chest pain or a stomach ache
  • actively trying to get ill – such as deliberately infecting a wound by rubbing dirt into it

Some people with Munchausen’s syndrome may spend years travelling from hospital to hospital feigning a wide range of illnesses. When it is discovered they are lying, they may suddenly leave hospital and move to another area.

People with Munchausen’s syndrome can be very manipulative and, in the most serious cases, may undergo painful and sometimes life-threatening surgery, even though they know it is unnecessary.


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