A WARNING Proof of Digital Kidnapping

This past week has been a testing one to say the least. As I have said on here, the story of the crime committed against me in 2012 is to be published in a national magazine or newspaper. As part of that process the journalist has informed Jade Louise Wood of their intention and asked her if it were true. Here is her reply.: Hello, I have no idea what to really say. I’m not going to deny I did that because I did and I hate that I did it. Have you heard about Münchausen syndrome? It’s a mental Illness and it’s basically attention seeking (Google it to get the full description) I did it because I wanted attention, I wanted someone to care about me. I read her book and thought if I could relate to her story, she Would talk to me. Once she replied and I felt cared for, I didn’t want to lose it and so the lies kept getting worse and worse And I had no idea how to stop it. Ever since it came out, I have been in and out of therapy. I have been suicidal. I think I’m getting on with my life then something Like this happens. I’ve been punished but she is still trying to get back at me. I’m currently being referred back to therapy because I’m not coping and I’ll beg you not to publish this. It’s destroying me. But nobody seems to believe that, after all I am a liar But truthfully, I can’t deal with this anymore   I have copied this, from the email account that was from the journalist’s Twitter account that she sent me. She was not asking for permission to print it, just telling Jade Wood that she was going to print the story. In this postscript, JW says she didn’t know how to stop. I tried so many times to back away from her, to make her talk to her ‘family’ about what had happened and what was happening. Every time I did this, she would either ‘run off’ into the night or ‘self harm’. So I stayed. Writing about what happened is not to punish her. I really believe that nothing can do this, but to let others know how easy it is to be taken in so badly on the Internet. She didn’t have to lie. If she needed a friend, I would have been a friend. If she had just wanted to chat on Facebook or by email, I would have done that as well. I answered her because I believed her, I thought she needed help. How stupid was I. What  aprice I have paid. The day after receiving the script of JW’s reply to the journalist,I read an article (it is on my Facebook page) about Digital Kidnapping and realised that this is what she did to make her story to me, credible. Digital Kidnapping. During those horrendous 6 months, she made up profiles of people on Facebook, people I was talking to and becoming involved with over social media and emails. Her ‘aunt’, Jen Corte had a Facebook account, photos of herself, her baby and her husband and mother. Her profile picture at first; was her and her husband with their ‘baby’ ‘Rosie’. There were lots of photos of Rosie and a video. Jen appeared to have many friends and was on maternity leave from her job as a school teacher. One day whilst talking to Jade Wood on the phone, I heard a baby playing, JW told me it was Rosie. She used this little girl in stories involving sexual abuse, sometimes on this tiny child. Reading this was horrendous. One of Jen’s pupils, another ploy by this nasty young woman, even wrote on her page. ‘Jen’ was talking to me, all day some days, about Jade’s behavior and she seemed so genuine and I really felt for her. She had helped ‘rescue’ her niece and was now embroiled in this horrendous life of sexual abuse, self harm and much worse. At the same time, she, herself, was unwell, she suffered a miscarriage. Jade had found her unconscious and rang me, I told her to call an ambulance and then call Mark, her husband. This was a very scary time as I was so far away and believed everything she said. Mark later emailed that Jen had lost their baby. I felt so sad for them  both. Then to  Mark, her aunt’s husband a fireman. His photo was on his profile and again, he had friends etc and photos on his page. Photos of Jen, their wedding and photos of their baby and Jen’s Mum. These were just 4 of the people who JW was pretending existed, having profiles with family photos and posts, made me just accept they were real. They were part of the 6 months, 7000 emails and texts etc that I had during that awful time. Digital Kidnapping is a crime. It is much bigger than we think. It is where a person ‘steals’ photographs of someone else and pretends to be that person. The photographs of babies, are stolen and used by these people and passed off as their own. They then use photos and identities of others to make the family they pretend to have. They all have dates of birth etc. Videos, photographs and friends, all taken from someone else’s profile and used to make a life that doesn’t exist.   Jade Wood has a family. She has a twin sister, a mum and dad and a younger brother. She has friends, I have seen these socialising with her on social media. She had no reason to make anyone up, to pretend to be anyone else, her family seem okay and normal. She did what she did for her own deviant depraved pleasure and that is what makes her dangerous. Nothing else. What concerns me; is that if these photos are being used in crimes such as the one committed against me, what else could they be used for? Jade Wood has an evil mind. She made up stories around these photos of the children she said were related to her. Stories of sexual abuse and this scares the hell out of me. She sent me photos of two beautiful little girls, she claimed were hers, that they had been taken from birth, or very very young, when she was living with her step dad and he was the father. She said they had been  placed in a house and used for sex until the police found them. They were now in care. Who are they? Photos of a little boy, her son who was adopted. Who was he?.  I find this so worrying as I am sure you do. The baby ‘Rosie’ I have identified as I have identified Jen Corte, her mother and Jade Wood’s friend Ellie White. I always believed the police should have followed this through but they didn’t. I have photos and a video of ‘Rosie’, taking her first steps. Private moments that I should never have been privy to. The stories she invented in her cruel hoax, were depraved and horrendous and I was always concerned how far someone with a mind like hers could go. Acting out sometimes follows this kind of sick behaviour. She hasn’t got Munchausen’s syndrome, the police surgeon discounted that. I have worked with clients with this disorder and also people who have been related to them. The police said the evidence given by her defence in court, was ‘invented’ and pathetic. If it had been believed. If she had been ‘sick’ she would have had treatment and leniency. To have been given a Disclosure and Barring order against her working with children or vulnerable people, shows this wasn’t believed. She had been working as a nanny and I was very concerned at her influence on any child or vulnerable person and asked for this order to be made. The courts agreed and the order was made.They saw her as a dangerous individual and rightly so. They recognized the damage she had done to me and that is why she received a 10 year Restraining Order against her contacting me. My real concern here is this. As I said, what else or where else could these photographs be used?  Not these specifically but photos ‘stolen’ by people like JW.? I did contact the lady called Jen Corte and may do once again, I might  also let her see the photos and the disclosures involving her daughter. I also contacted the lady I identified as her mother in the wedding and christening photos but they did not believe me. Ellie actually contacted me herself and said that Jade Wood had done something similar to her when they were in the same cheerleading squad; but it wasn’t of a sexual nature. Using photos of these people is an offence and is Digital Kidnapping. So, please be careful when uploading photos. Go to my Facebook page or profile and read the article about Digital Kidnapping and take care of these things so precious to you. My sole reason for this post and for writing about this despicable being, is to protect others from the horrors I was subjected to and to make people aware; that their personal photos on social media particularly. are not as safe as they perhaps thought they were. I hope you have had a great Bank holiday weekend and watch this space. The article will ‘get out there’. Take care xxx


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