The truth, the media and me.

This week has been tough but also productive. As you know from previous posts, I am writing a book called THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. Every time I go back to the memories of 2012 and the horrors inflicted on me by Jade Louise Wood, I shudder.It was an awful year, I had lost my wonderful horse after 23 years and was grief-stricken. The day after I posted this on Facebook, this nasty young woman Jade Wood wrote asking for help. I had never turned anyone away and had always helped whenever and wherever I could. How I wish I had said no to her. I won’t repeat the story but if you feel you want to, you can read it earlier in my blog or visit my website.So writing this book is hard but I feel very strongly, as did the police, that she needs to be exposed and others need to be warned.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a press agency re this story and have recently, this week in fact, had to tell the facts, as they happened, to a journalist. To say it has upset me is an understatement. But one thing I found whilst trawling through 7000 emails, plus lots of messages etc, was a letter from the Police Officer who arrested her and charged her. He referred to her originally, after meeting with her, as a ‘nasty bit of work’, that was the reason he would not allow me to take part in Restorative Justice which was what I had wanted at the time. He didn’t want me in the same room as her. He said in the letter that he found her sentence to be far too lenient and her defence teams remarks ‘contemptuous’. He said she was sick and perverted and he understood why I was affected the way I had been.This helped me a great deal.

I have now had my interviews for the story and hopefully it will be public knowledge before very long. It will either appear in a journal, a Magazine or a Newspaper. Wherever it is she will be named in full. Hopefully all the names she uses and maybe a photo. I may name  one of her friends  because this young woman had every opportunity to stop Jade Wood long before she committed her crimes against me, but didn’t. She has written to me and asked me to keep her name out of things but it will be in the book if not in the article.

There is a great deal on Twitter and other social networks about cyber bullying. In a way this is what this horrible woman did to me but much worse. I know we get rubbish in our inboxes, adverts that we don’t want but there is no way of controlling people we don’t yet know, from writing to us.

I never asked for any of this. My life was one of love, kindness and caring before May 2012. Now I don’t trust, I am scared to care and afraid to be kind.

This woman’s sentence was far too lenient as the officer said, she has never paid for what she did and is getting on with her life. I am still struggling. Last year as some of you might know, Jade Wood sent me a Facebook friend request. She has a Restraining Order against her contacting me in any form, electronic or personally. This breached that order. She was arrested and again lied, this time she was believed by the police. She thinks that is the end of it but it isn’t. She may have been laughing after getting off so lightly originally and again after the breach of the order but it is not the end of the matter.

She has a Disclosure and Barring Order against her, to prevent her working with children or vulnerable people. I have heard this is not being upheld and if this is true, it needs to be and I will have her stopped. She is evil with a depraved and evil mind not someone we need to be around children, and babies or vulnerable adults. She was angry about this order but if she hadn’t committed the crimes, it would never have been put in place at my request.

During the interview for this piece, the journalist was horrified at the content of some of the email messages Wood sent me. Everything to be written is just as it was sent to me, straight from the emails and messages. She thought they were depraved and deplorable in their content. Jade Wood has said on her blog that she was guilty of telling me lies. She has not, for obvious reasons, stated that the lies were horrendous, explicitly sexual and the content involved herself, men and sometimes sexual abuse on babies. Photos of a baby she had during this time, on life support. Photos of ‘her’ baby’s grave covered in flowers. All very explicit for me to have to reads when they arrived in my inbox. All that inflicted fear and anguish on me and made me afraid for her safety and ultimately my own and that of my family. The journalist has seen much of this and photos of self harm injuries that Wood said were hers, all taken from someone else’s photos. All the photos of people involved in her ‘made up lies’ were people from Facebook, some of them her friends and family friends. They have never been told, I tried to contact a couple of them but I believe they are afraid of the consequences. I am not. Unforgivable.

So the truth will soon be out there for all to read about and maybe someone on Social media will be saved from the fate that was mine. All of my books are non fiction, are true and always will be. Writing this in the media will hopefully help and be a sense of what happened.

As for me. I am going to continue to get justice in any way that I can. I feel the police did their best at the time but she is a convincing liar and will possibly always get away with her lies. But not in this instance. If the only way to protect others is to get this in the press, no matter what the consequence for me, then so be it. If she is breaking her order, I will look into that and give it to those who need to know. If people choose to ignore the Disclosure and Barring order and place her in a position of trust with vulnerable people and children, they are as much to blame if anything nasty happens. This young woman has a nasty, depraved mind and tells horrific stories about sexual abuse. Do we really want her anywhere near those who are vulnerable? I don’t think so! My husband said that I can’t protect the whole world from Jade Wood. No but I will give it a try!

Watch this space.

Thanks for reading my blog. Please leave comments if you wish.


3 thoughts on “The truth, the media and me.

  1. I’m not saying you didn’t suffer, you obviously did. And now must protect yourself from further invasions on the internet of which there are many and it will continue. There’s liars, cheaters and frauds everywhere but especially the net.
    But you have to find a way to let it go, and yes, forgive her. She is a sad person who for some reason looked for attention in whatever she could, completely in the wrong, fraudulently. But really, how sad that one would be that mixed up and lonely to pull such stunts, lie, make up such things. If you can’t forgive her, you can try to, to ask god, or the universe, to at least want to forgive, that’d be a start. Let it go and move on. You don’t know if she’s suffering or not, and it’s not your job to see to it that she does, because if that’s your path, you are the one still suffering.
    I know about hanging on to stuff. I’ve been a master at it. And the only one hurt by it was me.


    1. Thanks for taking the trouble to comment Grace. Yes I suffered and am still doing so. I know about forgiveness it is what I work with a lot in my Psychotherapy practice or rather did work with, as since this all happened I have been unable to work. I will not forgive her because I KNOW that she is not sorry and will go on to hurt others if not stopped. This is not about forgiveness or God or moving on. It’s about telling the truth. She has had her opportunity by telling her side, which was lies, on her blog. I need to stop others being hurt by her or people like her. To warn others of the dangers of the Internet and the dangers of believing someone whom you don’t know. I am not hanging on to stuff, the damage she caused me is still trying to heal. It will be a long process. Writing about it is part of that healing process.I write my books to help others, writing this may help someone out there, even if it only helps one person, it will be worth it and I will feel better. Than you for caring but this has to be done. I will bounce back, after the life I have had, I know I will. x


      1. OK! My concern is you, not her. Whatever she does she does. You can’t really stop her from hurting others. You stated the truth, did your part…
        You can forgive her without her being sorry. It is something you do for you not her, and really has nothing to do with her.


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