Must never become the Norm!


Last week’s blog.

Firstly, thank you everyone, who commented and pm’d or emailed me after my blog last week. Those who asked why the saga of 2012 had affected me so much, now understand. Those who maybe just want an early warning, because that is the reason for the book, maybe have that, by reading the blog that showed a little of the evil that Jade Wood inflicted on me.

Yes it was a few years ago and yes time can heal and for anyone wondering why the book hasn’t come out yet, I will tell you.

When the case was finally heard, April 2013, I was still in shock. I had genuinely believed this woman, dedicated 24/7 continuous support to her, just trying to help. This left me very low and physically and emotionally a wreck. As I said, the disclosures and the fear inflicted on me rekindled nightmares and day terrors from my own childhood, my own GENUINE abuse. The following year she continued her onslaught, indirectly by Twitter and her blog and that ‘held’ me back in the horror and now fury of what she had done.

As my FB friends know, 2014 was a very hard year for me and because of everything that had happened during and as a result of the 6 months in 2012, I still hadn’t returned to my normal life. I still wasn’t able to see  clients and things happened at home that rendered me even lower. I couldn’t face my clients, lost all confidence in myself and was really unwell. So writing was not happening. Then, eventually, when I could, I concentrated on NOBODY TOLD ME which is now published.

The Face Behind The Screen  is almost written, hard going over such nastiness and depravity but it will be published, just not sure when.

What I wrote and included in last weeks blog, was a small part of over 7000 emails and certainly, as I said last week, nowhere near the worst of them. Everything will be in the book THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. The first chapter is on my website:

I am now stronger and ready to face whatever comes to me. As I always have done or rather did before 2012.

My fear of ‘normality’ happening.

My other topic this week is this. I am concerned that sexual abuse stories may become the ‘norm’. Stories we see in the media but are no longer shocked by. When the Jimmy Saville case was highlighted in the news, we were all horrified. Someone everyone knew of, someone who our children trusted as the whole world trusted, was a sex predator. This has been followed by numerous ‘celebrity’ figures being named and shamed as pedophiles and sex offenders. Horrific stories of sexual abuse sometimes in the public eye today.

These stories are all over Twitter, Facebook, newspapers and the TV. So they should be. My worry is that , I have said this before so it is a genuine worry, that one day, these stories will be overlooked. People may see the words sexual abuse and just move on to the next story. THIS MUSTN’T HAPPEN! WE SHOULD STILL ALWAYS BE SHOCKED!

Celebrity news always makes headlines. What we need to remember and acknowledge, is that in hundreds of homes, all over the world, children in ‘nice families’ are being abused. Not by a so called ‘celebrity’ not by a stranger but by someone who is supposed to love them. A family member, a family friend, a parish priest I am shocked to admit, someone in authority that the family trust. I am concerned that this group of children, me having been one of them, will be overlooked. Will they, if they have the courage to come forward, be believed if they tell on their abuser? If the abuser is a public figure, yes of course they will. If they are being hurt by a trusted family member? Not so sure.

Every child who says someone is hurting them, should be listened to and believed. The listener should keep that child safe and take action . I don’t believe children make up stories about sexual abuse. Adults might, not many but the Jade Wood’s of this world will and do. But children, especially when they know things that no child of a young age know, should always be believed and protected.

So when you read these horrific stories of sexual abuse of children or young people, please still be shocked, sickened and saddened. Don’t move onto the next story. Yes it may be hard to read but this horrible part of society needs us all to be shocked, angry and more protective of our children, whether they are our own or not. Anything we feel is wrong, investigate and report if necessary please. Don’t become complacent because these stories are always in the news. Sadly it is an indictment of the world we live in and must be stopped by any means possible. It has always happened, it will always happen but we need to be aware and then active in our fight against this blight in society. Thanks for reading x


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