Looking back and looking forward

I hope this finds you all ready for the big day or at least almost there. Because our Christmas will be quiet this year, I am almost ready. Lucy and her new man are with us for Christmas Day and we are going to them New Year’s eve so all of that will be good.

There are many missing this year, as I said last time, my eldest sister, my best friend and my eldest daughter and her family who have become estranged from us for the past 18 months. This saddens me very much. I was hoping things would improve but then the ‘nasty’ became involved, they both told each lies and they broke my heart, again. But Melissa is a grown woman now and made up her own mind and so she is not around. I had been dreading Christmas without my daughter and her boys but have to accept that at least part of their family will not be in touch.

Talking about the Jade Wood, the subject of the next to be published book, I have just seen an interview with a very brave lady called Cynthia Owen. I had always wondered where Jade Wood got her horrific stories from, now I wonder if she had read this lady’s book, Living with Evil. She ,Cynthia, tells of being abused by her father and giving birth twice to babies born out of this abuse. The second baby was born to her when she was 13 years old and her mother buried the child who was still born, in their back garden. One of the horrific scenario’s Jade Wood told me, that rendered me distraught and horrified, was that at the age of thirteen, she gave birth to a still born baby and it was buried in her back garden. This has made me even more angry than I had ever been at this evil young woman. Cynthia shows us that this horrific incident and many others that I haven’t yet read, happen to REAL PEOPLE. Real people who are abused by their fathers and other men and give birth to these poor babies; whilst themselves only children. How dare someone like JW pretend, lie and keep adding more horrific happenings to me, over the Internet and phone, when they are living safe normal lives! Unforgivable in the extreme. Listening and watching this interview today has renewed my determination to finish THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN, to help others who have been entrenched in the lies of an evil person over the net and vindicate real sufferers of these appalling crimes against them. I have a publisher and might still use a Broadsheet media, not sure yet but this story will be published.

Now back to nice things. I have loved reading all the Christmas festive tweets and all the messages and posts on social media these past few weeks. I am feeling better than I had been, made up my mid that this year Christmas will be as it was when my children were small. Happy, fun-filled, lots to eat and lots and lots of love. We have given our usual donations to our chosen charities and thus cut down on pressies for each other  and this feels good.

The ponies come in every night now and some days as the fields are so wet, the dogs have stockings (not having small children I need to do this), and a great time is destined for all here ‘on the farm’.

NOBODY TOLD ME is still doing well but please don’t forget, if you  need stocking fillers for those who like to read true stories, click on the link:http://ccdgroupftp.co.uk/ch/

Just to close, thank you to everyone who has written , texted, messaged me etc this year I really do enjoy hearing from you all. A special thank-you to G.G and C.K for helping me to stop the ‘nasty’ from writing about me and telling lies on her blog. I think you have done the trick, you scared her enough to make her stop and for that I am truly grateful. Karma will come in the form of a book. I never intended this but because she just kept on writing lies about me, I feel the world needs to know the truth. So thank you all again, I have such loving and loyal readers.

So back to icing my cake, yes I haven’t done that yet and then to make sweets for the big day.

Enjoy this wonderful time of the year, make memories , good ones and think of everyone not as lucky as us and that will help us all appreciate what we have.

Happy Christmas Twitter friends, see you next week. xxx


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