Memories and Reflections.

Well another week nearer to the festive season and I am no where near ready. It is a difficult time in one way, remembering those who are not with us, some who have sadly died and some who have chosen to be alienated from the family. In a way that is worse, they are out there but not here. I began this year with more optimism than I should have, Lucy was to be married and was having her first baby, my grandchild.  Daniel and I had begun to plan our future around this precious gift, I would spend more time at home, taking care of our grandchild and Lucy would go back to work part time. This Christmas was to be so special, Daniel, Lucy and her partner and the baby and me.It was not to be. I try hard not to think of what might have been. I try hard not to imagine what life would have been like. I try even harder to let go of the very thought of the life that wasn’t to be. I try but I fail. I still have the baby scan photo and the little things I bought for our ‘babe’. I have put them away but haven’t been able to say goodbye to them. Nothing seems the same now, at least , not ‘the same’ as I had looked forward to. So, yes Christmas is hard this year, no baby, no Ellen and others. I will make sure those who are in my life and those who I love and who love me, have a happy love filled time. That’s why I m here, that is why we are all here.

Perhaps because of the year before, the Jade Wood horror, having a wedding and a baby to look forward to , to plan for, was more important than maybe it would have been. A nice after such nasty. A good after such evil. I don’t know but I think this may be the why.

Every year we make a trip back to the South coast, to visit family. This year we won’t be going. Sadly my health makes it impossible, I don’t want to be taken ill a long way from home. This saddens me but maybe in the new year, who knows

After last weeks blog I had an email from someone whom Jade Wood had stolen identity. She contacted me, not the other way round, and told me things that this horrid young woman had done to her,that made her think about going to the police. She told me she would go and asked my advice, I gave it to her. I said that this had to stop and that if she had all the evidence she needed to tell the police; she proceeded to send all the emails between the two of them, JW and herself, on to me. Then she said she was too afraid of her ‘friend’ that she would not speak with them. She has given me permission to use these emails and the lies, in my book. She wrote again last week asking not to be named, not to associate her with the subject of this nasty story. She also said I wasn’t to use a group whom they both WERE a part of. I need to make this story as close to what happened, as I can without hurting innocent people. I am in the process of seeking legal advice on this but I won’t do anything to harm anyone by writing my story, the truth.

The other thing I commented on, the vulnerable young woman who was now ‘friends’ with JW, is all in hand so I won’t worry about that any more.

Now to my books. NOBODY TOLD ME and I DID TELL are doing well. THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN has a publisher and will be out next year. I have taken a break from writing as my health  has not been good and am concentrating on promoting the books and on looking after my family for Christmas.

Can we all spare a thought for those who are homeless at this time, those suffering from illness, mental health problems and other ailments. Remember all those charities who need so much support not only now but all year round and spare a little bit of money for your chosen one. Many people find this time of the year particularly difficult, alone and with no one to talk to. If you know of anyone who could do with a little of your time, the most precious gift you can give them, please spare them that time. Look after nature, feed the birds, that stray cat that keeps coming into your garden. not everyone has a home and not every living creature has food. Let’s all do our bit however small.


I hope you are all ready or close to ready, I hope you will all have a fantastic Christmas and thank you all for your continuing support, both on Social Media and by buying my books. Please don’t forget to review them as this is important to me.

Well, I am hoping to go Christmas shopping with Daniel, health permitting, on Tuesday and then be home to cook mince pies, ice our cake, wrap pressies etc. and enjoy the build up to this wonderful time of the year. My childhood Christmases were ones to dread. I make sure my family’s Christmas’s are filled with magic and love. I know you will all do the same.

Night night C xxx


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