Sometimes you have to stop.

This week has been another week of poor health and emotional pain but Friday I began to feel better. What changed? I changed. I decided that enough was enough and began to put things in perspective. A family issue has been put to bed and although it isn’t how I wanted it to be, it is now settled and I have to move on from it.Letting go and leaving things not as I wanted, is hard but back to how things were a long time ago and I have to accept this.

My other ‘failing’ if you can call it that is that I want to save the world! Save people on the Internet from the Jade Wood’s of this world. I now know I can’t do that. I also know that she enjoys all the attention, even the bad stuff and so I am not going to give her any ammunition anymore. The book THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN which will name her and hopefully shame her, will be published. Because of her name and her ‘hobbies, people may recognize themselves but they would only be indirectly involved. I have written to all of these people but no one has replied except for Ellie White. That is my legal obligation and I have done that. If the ‘friends’ chose not to take any action there is nothing I can do about her stealing other people’s identities as she did. That is illegal but only they can tell the police. I can’t do that for them. Ellie who was closely involved, knows about the book and I may inform her of it’s publication when the time comes. I have  to be as open as I can without hurting anyone to show readers the lengths people like JW would go to, to make others believe her horrific story, to make it credible. I may change some names but not places as readers need to know what area this woman comes from.It is publishable and I now know for sure that it will be but not until next year. The rest of this year I need to concentrate on my health and my current book NOBODY TOLD ME  (Please click the link)

I have always tried to help others on here when asked, I was told of someone who made negative comments on Jade Wood’s blog when she was saying untrue nasty lies about me.This person said she wished she knew who I was  so that she ‘could give me a hug’,and called JW a horrible cruel liar. I wrote to her blog and thanked her. She then followed me on Twitter and we talked many times. This girl is vulnerable, she has attempted suicide many times and does self harm. She suffers from depression and agreed that what Jade Wood did was evil and could not be excused. She wrote almost every day to me and then stopped and out of the blue went to London with Jade Wood. I am very worried about this young woman as she is very vulnerable and could so easily be influenced by this nasty young person who harmed me and others. I know how credible the perpetrator of the crime against me can be, I fell for her stories and her lies and I am an intelligent Professional Health worker. I really don’t know what to do next but nothing isn’t an option. Perhaps I need to report this young girl, as a vulnerable adult to POVA. Not sure yet.Daniel says I try and save the world and I can’t. I know that but I did try and still will try and save her.

But that’s enough of that! I intend to put more effort now into marketing NOBODY TOLD ME and enjoying the run up to the silly season, too much of my life the past two years has been stolen and I don’t intend to let anyone steal any more. I am hoping a magazine will take my story and then they can have the next story as well.

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of year and have those you love around you to enjoy it.

Please remember if you buy and read either of my books to leave a review for me. Much appreciated. Thank you for reading my blog and Night Night xx


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