Sickness, Surprises and Peace.

Well it has been a horrible few weeks and this is the first time in this week that I feel able to write my blog. As you will know, I haven’t been well for the past year or so and have been laid physically and emotionally low since the horrors of 2012. That plus the death of my best friend and a few months ago, my eldest sister Ellen, Lucy losing her baby and her wedding plans coming to nothing. So it is not a surprise really, that my health has suffered. The Jade Wood saga continued and she was still maligning my name on her blog and that didn’t help I suppose. But the thing that has amazed me is the care and love sent by email, message and posts from my readers. Thank you also much, means a lot.

I had another  lovely surprise this week, from my niece a basket of flowers and chocolates that were amazing. I also have had contact with my grandson and with Jack so those are the kind of surprises that make my day.

But then the peace. I haven’t been on the computer very much this week, couldn’t face it as I have been so ill. Today I have been on here and looked at Twitter etc and nothing! Wonderful and I thank my friends who supported me of their own choice, by telling Jade Wood that what she was doing was wrong and horrid and unjust. She seems to have ‘got the message’ as they say so thank you once again. She hasn’t stopped because she is sorry, I am not foolish enough to believe that or stopped for any other reason than she was told off by these friends. So, yes thank you it is now a pleasure to read my posts and messages again and not be told of her viciousness. Peace at last.

NOBODY TOLD ME is doing okay but still need more reviews please. THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN has been put aside for a little while, I have a publisher and need to decide the way forward. Do I put her photos in the book? Do I name the people she pretended to be? The people whose identity she stole? Do I do all kinds of things that make the book the truth? Just before this latest setback with my health, it was giving me nightmares revisiting the 6 months of horror she entrenched me in, the fear, the depravity and ‘disclosures’ that I had to put it aside and concentrate on my health. But I will get back to it soon and now that I know it will be published, I feel much better about doing this.

Nearly the silly season everyone. I hope you are all almost ready. I am not, nowhere near but I will get there and although it will be quiet, I will try and give those I love a happy time.

Off now to go down and see my ponies in the barn. Have a good evening and a happy week . xx


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