Surprises,Assurances and Offers!

Well this has been a hard week but one that brought n unexpected surprise.

Back in 1995 I wrote a children’s book, in my own name and it sold quite well even without marketing. This week, completely forgetting that Amazon was selling this little book, I sold one! Only one I hear you say. Yes only one but after so many years of nothing, I couldn’t quite believe it. Maybe it will take off again, who knows. But one little child will be able to read about the magic.

In my other life, the surprises continued. Someone I knew when I was growing up, found me on Facebook and recognized me from way back then! Not sure if I was flattered or not! But we are now in touch and that’s another happy surprise for me.

NOBODY TOLD ME has been reviewed by a critic and found it to be an ‘amazing and emotional book that every GP and everyone on Antidepressants should read’. The reviews keep coming on iBooks, Kobo and still on Amazon. I am so pleased my second book is being received well. I have every faith in this part of my life story as I did with I DID TELL I DID and that has sold over 97,000 copies. Yes, I need some marketing and maybe I will get this soon, I don’t know. But if you haven’t read it yet, or my first book, then please do read them and let me know what you think. The link is here, for NOBODY and from that you can see I DID TELL. The link:

For those of you who have read them and left a review I thank you once again.

My third book, well  there’s a story. I have a publisher who has offered me a contract,  to publish THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN! He has had to look at the legalities and found it okay to go ahead as soon as I am well enough to continue with it!He says it is a powerful strong book excellently written and will interest all of those who use the Internet. It will warn them of the perils of believing anyone who contacts you, either through social media or by email. It shows how these nasty people, like the Jade Wood’s of this world, can seem so credible that everything they say is believed, how they steal other people’s identities in order to make their lies believable and therefore entrench the recipients in their games and lies. Jade Wood sent photos and her ‘friends’ and ‘family’ had Facebook profiles with photos. she used photographs of real babies and children to make me believe that she was living with her aunt etc. So, back to being published, I am happy to know that this book will be out there, not yet but it is a book that will reach thousands and prevent others from being harmed in this cowardly manner.

So quite a week. Shame I haven’t been poorly, but all of these things have up for the not being well.

Again I want to thank everyone who has and is still supporting both me and my writing. Thank you for all your messages of love and support and for the excellent reviews my books are still receiving. Keep it up please. Have a wonderful week, look forward to the ‘silly season’ and enjoy the pre-Christmas shops. Love those around you, be kind to strangers and be very careful and vigilant on social media. xx


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