What a Birthday gift!

Last blog began with a Wow! This week I start with a double wow!

It was my birthday on Wednesday and I was pleased and surprised by the number of birthday greetings I received, both as Cassie and in my own name. Many from FB and Twitter friends, messages, emails, cards and flowers. I had a quiet day as I wasn’t too well, here on the ‘farm’ with Daniel and Lucy and my animals. The sun actually shone , not a usual thing for my special day, it usually rains in buckets. So a quiet day, reflecting and resting. It was the first year ever that I haven’t had a card from my sister Ellen, readers might remember that she sadly died a few months ago. I missed her phone-call and chat this year, it was a loss and obviously sad. She always knew about my writing, even the next book and encouraged me all the way.

When my first book came out, I DID TELL I DID it was on my birthday, 1 week after its release back in 2009 that it went straight to Number One in the Sunday Times bestseller charts. I know my second book NOBODY TOLD ME couldn’t do that as it doesn’t have the marketing but I am very happy to say that it is now Number 19 in the Drugs genre of Amazons charts. I DID TELL is also selling a well again, it has never stopped selling but it is now having a second ‘flush’ of sales so to speak. So the author is pleased and grateful to my readers and new readers. Today I have 11 five-star reviews on Amazon and that makes me very happy. I also have new five-star reviews for I DID TELL., now standing at 40 reviews in all How can my writing life get any better than that!

Well, I can tell you how. THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN has serious interest from a publisher! He says it is a strong and powerful story so that means it is publishable. I better get on and finish it then! How-ever, I may not go with this publisher as he specialises in Professional books about crimes etc but he does have a huge readership in the legal and professional world. If I can persuade him to go trade, so that my readers can but this book, then if offered I will go with him. He says it is his field and that it is a very saleable book.. So the Jade Louise Wood story will be out there and help protect others on the Internet from people who abuse the vulnerable in this cruel cowardly manner.

As you my fellow bloggers and readers know, a lot has been said about me on here by Jade Wood, most of it slanderous lies but I want to thank my friends and Face-bookers, who have told this young  what she is doing to me is wrong. It has all taken its toll on me and my health and I am still not back at my other profession as yet. I don’t feel in ‘the right place’ psychologically. The happenings of 2012 are still affecting me and writing THE FACE,  I know, will help me process this and then put it behind me. Jade Wood says she knows now that what she did was wrong and a mistake. At present she is being very quiet so whatever was said by one friend on here worked and I am so grateful to her. You know who you are. I didn’t ask for this intervention but can’t say I am not pleased with the outcome.

Readers of THE FACE will be shocked and sickened when they read the depth of depravity, of the young woman who subjected to me to the 6 months of hells’, mind, the ‘disclosures she made, in the guise of an abused girl. I will try to soften the content where I can but this book can only be authentic if I copy and paste the actual emails she sent to me. I will be open and honest as to when and how this happened and the book will now have an after, at the end. This being what has happened since her sentence back in 2013. I hope you will read it and pass on the warnings the book will give to others.

This week has been important to all of us, a week of Remembrance, a time to think of the thousands who sacrificed their lives for us to have a free life. I have watched in horror and wonder at the tragic waste of life, the bravery of souls during the time ‘celebrated’. There has been a great deal of how we won the war. When I look at the numbers of our young men , horses and dogs who died. When I think of the destruction and horror that war brings, I think only one thought. No one wins in a war. So I agree we must always remember and make sure we never go down this route again. My heart is with everyone mourning a family member or a friend at this time. So now it is back to the writing. My next book will be different from my other two, n as much as it isn’t a life story of mine but something that happened because I TOLD. If I hadn’t written I DID TELL, none of this would have happened. Do I regret my autobiography being out there? Never. I might regret sharing my grief over the loss of my wonderful horse, on Social Media but I never for one moment, thought I would be targeted in such a horrid way. But that, is in the past. My next book will lay that ghost. It is the future we all need to focus on. None of us know how long we have, let’s try to live it in peace with our fellow-man, try hard not to hurt others  and enjoy.

Thank you all for buying NOBODY TOLD ME and leaving a review, they are so welcome, thank you all. xx


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