Wow! What a week!

I wasn’t sure what to write about today. A lot has happened this week and most of it positive and good.

My second book NOBODY TOLD ME is receiving 5 star reviews, 8 to date, and I DID TELL I DID has new readers and also is getting new 5 star reviews. As a writer I am thrilled of course; as a woman who has bared her soul, I am humbled. As authors we rely on our readers, we trust them to write honest assessments of our work. As the woman, who has written these two books about my life, I am happy that others can either be inspired by my story or comforted and realise they are not alone.

Both of these books were difficult to write, to revisit the horrors that were my childhood and early life, was painful beyond belief. But days like today, reading the reviews and messages,it was worth every bit of pain and trauma.

In my life as a Psychotherapist, I am still not in a place where I feel I can give my clients 100 % so I am not back working yet. A legacy of Jade Wood. Although I have been told by the police and other members of the law, that they can see how easy it was to be taken in by this nasty young woman, I still don’t have the confidence to begin working again. I love the role I have, love helping people and seeing them grow through sessions and miss being able to do this. I will come back, I promise myself I will but not yet. She didn’t just steal 6 months of my life but is still trying to steal my life today. It may have all happened more than 2 years ago, but the triggers were fired and the flashbacks and nightmares she instigated by her lies, still happen today. I had thought all of this was in the past, she flung it all back into my present.

There have been slanderous lies written in her blog and on her Twitter these past few weeks. Nasty remarks meant for me. Yes, I don’t have to read them but I feel it only right that I know what is being said. The difference between her and anyone else writing to me, is that they would say everything they write, to my face. They wouldn’t hide behind a computer, they wouldn’t use false identities, they wouldn’t make up ‘followers’ to create their false personna. They would just tell me . But that is if what they were saying was all true. Jade Wood knows, that what she is saying, isn’t! Telling the world that I was ‘sectioned’ is a lie. Anyone reading my book knows this. Telling her ‘fellow Twitter followers’ whom I think she makes up, that I can’t write, no one buys my books, I wasn’t fit to look after my own child etc etc, may read like the writings of a silly little girl who is playing a tit for tat game because I am writing the story of her evil. The difference is, she isn’t a silly little girl, if she were I could forgive her. No, she is a nasty, evil, poisonous, scared of the truth woman and that makes her dangerous.

I don’t know if this will ever end, she has always known about the book, I was asked by the police, whose idea this book was, to write and tell her. I did. She signed saying she knew about it being written. Now, because THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN is currently with a publisher, now that she knows it will happen, she is running scared. All the evidence I have, was given to me, by her during those 6 months. The police traced every person who wrote to me as part of her lies, and they were all traced back to her. So,she gave me this boo,. She committed the crime and left the evidence for me to write about. Now that’s not so clever is it!

She accuses me of having ‘pound signs’ in my head during those horrific 6 months. That I always knew it was all a lie. I wish she could talk to Lucy or Daniel, they would tell her exactly how it was and how it is. I never asked for any of this, Jade Louise Wood or whatever she chooses to call herself on a day on day off basis, the proof of cowardice, contacted me because of being raped and sexually abused. or that was why I helped her. I kept everything as I do with my clients, all 7000 plus emails, text messages, facebook messages etc. to write a story board of her life to look back on when she was recovered. No intentions of writing a book. If I could go back to 2012 and not reply to her email, I would do it in a heart beat.

So, today I am happy about my first two books, encouraged by the care and concern of my readers and angry that a convicted criminal is trying to spoil this for me. She won’t succeed. She says her family know what she did. I doubt that,if they do and they think it is okay and that she ‘made a mistake’ they are fooling themselves. Mistakes don’t go on and become more horrific and depraved with each lie. She continues to call her mother a drunk, I wonder if her Mother knows the ugly portrait she paints of her family? One untruth could be a mistake but none of what she did was. The courts found her guilty of Misuse of the Communications Act to cause anxiety, fear and anguish. I think they thought her sentence would teach her the error of her ways. It hasn’t.

Back to my writing. I am proud of my first two books, I don’t say that very often but after some messages today, I am proud that ‘Little Cassie’ found her voice.

My third book is different, THE JADE WOOD STORY. THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. I don’t know if the publisher reading it now will take it but I will keep trying and it will be published. Watch this space. But for now, I am concentrating on getting NOBODY out there to as many readers as possible. The story about dependency on GP prescribed medication, is sadly as relevant today as it was when the book began.

To close to day, I just want to warn people, always check out someone who asks to follow you or Facebook friend you, as much as you can. They may not always be who they say they are. Don’t get too involved and if you feel uneasy then listen to your instincts. Sign post them if you feel they need help and then, back off.

For all  of you who have written comments about supporting me, everyone who has reviewed either book, all of those who have written in support,thank you all so much. Makes my heart feel good. Have a great week everyone, I intend to try. xxx

p.s. Yes, I will still sign 3 kisses as I do, it doesn’t make me a ‘a hardcore pornstar’ .Yes Jade Wood’s words. Slanderous I think. Pathetic I know.x


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