A very good week!

Well this week just became better and better. My second book NOBODYTOLD ME is going well, need a few more reviews but it is early days. My first book I DID TELL I DID that I wrote 5 years ago, came back into the charts, low end but after 5 years I was more than pleased. I think maybe those who are reading NTM hadn’t perhaps read I DIDT so are now buying that. So I am more than happy about all of that.

As I wrote a few days ago, my week improved when I learned that the subject of my third book will never be allowed to work with vulnerable adults or children or anyone under the Mental Health Act or the Child Protection ACT. Not ever. Such relief defies words. So things are looking up I am glad to report.The conversation I had made me feel so much better and I hadn’t realised how others feel about what happened back in 2012. I am grateful that the person I was talking to could see the evil in the perpetrator as I can.

Then I read today that Internet trolls punishments are going to be more severe. I agree wholeheartedly with that. Jade Wood was not a troll but a liar and a thief of my time and emotion. She would have come under this new law no doubt but it wasn’t in place then. Why is it wrong to lie about people and call them names in person but they can get away with it over the Internet. In my mind, writing things under another name, using a false identity to say something nasty is so cowardly and dishonest. If you have something to say to someone, say it to their face or at least if that is not possible, write your name on the Tweet or whatever media you use. If you have faith in your conviction then be honest enough to own that conviction. So, this new law is good in my eyes.

On a personal note, my health results came back better than I had thought so another positive. Our little pony is recovering and all is well here on the farm.

NOBODY TOLD ME is out there, with the cover of I DID TELL and the beginning of THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN in the back. All is good.

I hope you all miss the horrid storm that is due here on Tuesday, the weather here in Wales has been quite bad at times this week, heavy thundery rain, then sun. The ducks love it.

So nothing inspirational today, just , well, happy, that’s all Thank you all for reading and if you read my books, please leave a review Thanks xx


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