Lies versus Credibility

I usually write once a week on Sundays but felt I had to post this today whiled the feeling lasted.

When bad things happen, you feel on your own most of the time. People say they understand how you feel but most of them don’t and I am glad they don’t.

I was talking to someone today who knows the truth about Jade Wood and knows that everything I have said is true. They encouraged me to write my book, name and shame as I have every right to do so. They reassured me about her ability to work with vulnerable people as well as children. She will never be allowed to do this kind of work and that is such a relief to me. Apparently she is Red flagged and that means any organisation where vulnerable adults and children are; will know about her past. The information will show the extent of her evil ways and the nature of her crime.They will see from the information available to them that she has a nasty, depraved and wicked mind and should not be allowed to have contact where she can influence those around her.

She has lied her way out of many things, legal ones included and is laughing about how she has gotten away with things. She won’t be laughing when she finds she is unable to do work anywhere where the vulnerable are. I feel so good knowing that many people including the young are protected from her. I can see now why the police asked me to press charges. I hadn’t wanted to but when they explained why I should, I agreed to do this.

I know she is still telling lies about me and what happened but who is the credible one here. I am a successful Psychotherapist and author. I am intelligent and I thought worldly.I am thought highly of, as a professional and respected as such.One thing and one reason for writing THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN is this. As an intelligent woman, I was taken in by this nasty person. Because she seemed so credible, I fell for it. Looking back it is easy to ask myself how this happened. But after talking to this person today, I know exactly how it happened. As the police said in 2012, I was targeted when I was vulnerable. JW saw this on Facebook and homed in. How she was capable of keeping these lies going and making  these horrendous ‘disclosures’  without giving herself away is beyond me. But she did because I was in no place to question. Someone wrote asking for help, I tried to give that. That is why I am so pleased about the Red Flag. I can’t protect the whole world from her evil but I can help to protect some!

The warning in this book is; no one is above this happening to them. Always check people out as much as possible, if you are concerned about someone who writes to you for help, sign post them to relevant bodies or the police, don’t get involved beyond normal. If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.

All that said, I am pleased to have had the conversation today, it has put a great many things in perspective. I will write my book, or rather, am writing my book as a cathartic exercise. I will take the story to the media and hope that it helps someone else and makes people aware of the dangers out there. Most people are to be trusted. Some are not. x


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