Mixed emotions

Well I didn’t want to wait for Sunday to post this blog because I wanted to share my feelings today.

Firstly, my sequel to I DID TELL I DID is now out there, on e-book and paperback as NOBODY TOLD ME. This has been a long time coming but at least it is out there. I hope it helps others fighting with any kind of dependency especially those on prescribed medication.If it has half the success as my first book I will have succeeded, if it helps one person to believe they are not alone, I have done what I intended to do. I hope anyone reading it will leave reviews on Amazon or email me personally.For the past 5 years I have wanted to have this book published and now in spite of everything, I have.

My health is not currently good. I have had minor surgery but have developed some blood condition that today is being screened. Another wait for results. But whatever the outcome, I will beat it, I always have and won’t change now. Yes it is a worry but I will await the results and deal with the outcome, not worry about what may or may not be.

Since 2012 my health has been up and down, more down and I have not seemed able to claw my way back to where I was, before May 2012. Writing NOBODY has been hard, although most of it was already written, my heart was not really in trying to finish it. But now, having a third and fourth book planned I knew I had to get this done and published and now it is and has been. So on to number three!

Family has been a bit hard as well, losing members in one way or another has been difficult to cope with and get my head around but some of that is now looking better more positive. I am happy about this.

So, today the book is launched, I am feeling more positive and in other areas of my life Justice seems to have loomed large. As you will know, I have been the victim of a nasty hoax and have always been concerned re this young woman, Jade Wood, working with vulnerable people. Well this won’t happen and I am very relieved to hear that. I know I will be blamed for this but it had nothing to do with me.

My third book THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN is now underway, health permitting and I will have this published when it is finished. My fourth book will hopefully be my first novel. If I can write fiction, not sure yet.

So although not feeling too well physically, I am feeling very upbeat psychologically. Not ready to work again yet, but enjoying the launch and feeling so much better re protecting the world from evil.

Will blog again on Sunday as usual, hope you are all well. xx


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