Well at last NOBODY TOLD ME is out there! Lots of reasons for the delay, should have been out late 2012 but we all know why that didn’t happen. This is my second book under my pseudonym Cassie Harte, I have written under my real name but can’t divulge that.

My first book  I DID  TELL I DID,was a huge success and is still selling. I am hoping NOBODY TOLD ME will do the same. I have thousands of emails, messages and letters etc about my life story and that has made the revisiting of the horrors of my childhood, well worth all the pain.Everything has been positive, lots of readers have said how much this book has helped them, made them realise that they were and are not alone. Sexual abuse is an evil that seems currently to be in every body’s minds. That sadly, is the only way we can protect our children a bit. It has always happened and will,I am sorry to say, always happen. But talking about it, writing about it and campaigning to get justice for the children should be top of our lists.

When an offender is sentenced, we hear cries of ‘not long enough’. I don’t think there is a ‘long enough’. They will one day come out of jail and in some way get on with their lives. A victim, even when, like me they have become a survivor, still has this life sentence. They will always remember, they may not always think about it but it doesn’t take much to send them back there, into the fear of their childhoods. I know this and I am a survivor.

I worked very hard on myself to become a different person from that terrified child I had been. I changed my name, changed the colour of my hair and behaved in the complete opposite of those who had hurt me. I trained to become  a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and along with a diverse group of clients, I helped other sufferers of abuse, to rid themselves of the nightmares, day mares and ensuing panic attacks. Sexual abuse can leave symptoms of PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and association is a powerful thing. I thought I was okay, I thought I couldn’t be touched, ever again by the horrors that my childhood had been full of. I was now a strong professional woman and a survivor. I was wrong.

That brings me to one of the two books yet to be ‘out there’. We hear today a great deal about people who claim to have been raped, abused etc. when they haven’t. The waste of police resources in investigating these cases.We also hear a lot about ‘trolling’ on Social media. But it isn’t only on Social media we can find this, even without going onto anything more than our private email, it can happen. As  it did in the case of a young woman who wrote claiming all of this in emails to me. This was the

beginning of the worst months of my adult life. I have previously written about this so won’t repeat the details. The contents of her emails, sent me back to the nasties, to the sexual abuse and the nightmares that I thought I would never suffer again. The fear and stress this caused is still with me today. Yes I am feeling better but my life will never be the same. Something has to change and somehow people like the perpetrator in my case, should be banned from using Social media and writing to anyone other than people they know personally. Then perhaps people who have had vulnerable experiences will be safe.

Today I am enjoying the launch of NOBODY TOLD ME and then will get back to THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN, the Jade Wood story.I can’t protect the world from this woman and can’t protect the world from others but I can make sure people who read about the lies of sexual abuse, rape, torture, depravity she wrote about to me, will be extra vigilant when they are approached online by someone they don’t know. She is a ‘thoroughly nasty piece of work’, the words of a police officer when this was taken to court. That should have been the end of it but it isn’t.

I did think seriously about not writing this book but she continues to bad mouth me and lie about things I do and the ‘things’ she did. She had a great friend in me, I would have done anything to help her and I did, to the detriment of my health, my family and my work. Hence the book.

Well I hope you will all buy my second book either on Kindle or AMAZON as a paperback. Let me know what you think about it please.

Take care out there everyone and remember, people are not always who they say they are.

Now back to celebrating the launch! xx


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