Time, seasons and the inner child.

As you grow older time seems to go so much faster. As a little girl I used to wish it way and it seemed to go on and on, no ‘time flying’, back then. But now, you turn around and a week has gone by in the blink of an eye! We are entering one of my favourite seasons, the trees are changing colour, getting ready to shed the leaves of Summer and have a well earned rest. The birds that flew away in the Spring are returning, slowly but they are returning. The ducks on my lakes are busy trying to find the best place to spend their Winter days, as the lack of rain has left their usual pond empty. In the garden, things are changing fast and the bright Summer colours are changing to golds and browns. Quite beautiful. As for the ponies, well the coarser hair is arriving and the Summer colours are also changing, resulting in very strange coats that now need a bit more care. The relatively easy time for horse owners, me included, the Spring and Summer is almost gone and days of mucking out, gathering of feed and stables in use, is almost upon us. Autumn has arrived.

Exciting times here on the farm but also a little bit worrying. NOBODY TOLD ME is now going to come out around 5th October. I wasn’t able to finalise things on the date given, as I need to have a small operation this week, so it is a bit later than stated before. But it is here finally! I hope everyone who reads my second book will leave a review on the site they buy if from or email me to let me know what they think. As with my first book, it has a message, one of hope for those dependent on prescribed medication. I also hope it explains to the readers of I DID TELL how the abuse was able to continue into adulthood and why I wasn’t able to stop it. I really hope this book will help others and be as successful as my first book.

Last week here in my blog, I spoke about how Jade Wood had badmouthed me and involved others in her lies and nasty comments. She caused a great deal of worry and pain for one of my followers, making her ill and as I said, enough is enough. I hope she is really proud of herself. I believe she thinks I am afraid of her, I believe she thinks she can intimidate me. Well she is wrong! I will continue to fight , I will still write THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN and no matter what she says or does to me, I won’t stop! I have huge support on Social Media and at home, I won’t give up. No one and I mean no one ,should be able to inflict fear and anxiety on another person, something she says she herself feels on a daily basis, the way she did to me and others. I don’t believe a word of it. I work with clients with depression and anxiety, apart from anything else, they don’t have the strength to waste on venomously attacking another person in any shape or form. She is a very good liar, brilliant in fact, but would you like that accolade? I know I wouldn’t.The last thing someone suffering these illnesses would want, is for others to go through the horrors they go through. I have never believed the self harm, the feeling suicidal, the suffering depression etc she apparently goes on and on about on Social media. I have always said, that pretending these things happened to her,as she did when she first contacted me, lying about being raped and abused, is insulting to genuine sufferers and also belittling of their pain. Her parents would be or rather will be, very ashamed of her, I am sure, when they find out the truth. This isn’t a matter of revenge, it is my way of trying to warn and protect others from this evil young woman, on Social media and in reality.

After her ‘sentence’ I was prepared to let this go. But then someone sent me the link to her blog and I was horrified at what I saw and read. There has been no let up, to the lies and slander she has written about me. Yes, occasionally she ‘takes a break’ but then she returns more venomous than before with her on onslaught of my name. It will be stopped!

As a child I could do nothing to protect myself. As a young adult, I was medicated and most of the time, took what was dished out to me. I made mistakes, some because of my sense of judgement being impaired,some because I wanted to be loved. But never did I ever try and hurt someone, anyone. Not once did I lie, to have someone care for me or love me. Now as a woman, I try and love and help my anyone I can. I have tried to be patient, give this horrid ‘woman’ the benefit of the doubt, time to put things right but time has run out. Now I have to look after my inner child that she has tapped into many many times. I need to look after ‘little Cassie’ the one who became afraid and terror stricken during those horrific six months. The one who suffered flashbacks and nightmares because of what she entrenched me in. Now is the time for me, the woman, to care for the damaged child and make things right. Whether now or in my earlier life, I always wanted to help people, now it is my turn to help me. Watch this space!

So, the launch of my next book, procedures on Monday then shopping with Lucy to buy something nice.Operation on Wednesday, then recovery, followed by the finalising of NOBODY TOLD ME contract and launch! As I said, scary and exciting times.!

Thank you all for reading and supporting me. For those who write something either on here of on Facebook, those comments, mean a lot. Have great week ahead and see you next Sunday! xx

So two down and 2 to go! Books I mean.


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