The coward who proved a point.

Today I am angry. Doesn’t happen often but when it does, it is huge! Over the past few months the blog written by Jade Louise Wood has been venomous in it’s extreme against me. As you will have previously read, I am writing the true story of the horror this ‘person’ inflicted on me. If you haven’t, then please read back in my blog. A while ago a few of my friends on Twitter and Facebook, replied to these horrible writings, in defence of me. I have never asked anyone to do this but very much appreciate when they do. Some others have commented on her blog who didn’t know who I was but after reading my names, have since written to me. So what’s wrong with that you may ask. Nothing. In essence, nothing. It is a public platform and her blog is public. She didn’t have the right to name me but name me she has but she also doesn’t have the right to moan when others comment on her lies and viciousness. I too write a blog, this blog  and yes, I say things about what she did and is doing on here. As a warning and in hope that anyone reading her lies, will understand that this is what she does, all the time, lie! Nothing she writes is to be believed. I suppose some of what she says, might be true but after the horrific lies she told me, I wouldn’t believe a word that she utters.Wordpress is a public forum and I expect to get comments and I do and so should she.. None of this is wrong in its self but when others write to her in my defence; she does not have the right to become cruel and evil in what she calls them or what she says. She needs to keep her blog about her and if she does use my name and then  have comments about how she treated me, she should be big enough to accept that some people, the ones who know me and know the truth, have every right to tell her so. She does not have the right to get so nasty that she makes people ill as she does me. I know what her wicked tongue and her wicked writings can do. I know the damage she is capable of and know this first hand. If someone comments on her blog she could at least be civil and not make it personal as she does. Yes, I am angry, she gets me that way when she hurts others. The one thing I am trying to prevent her from doing! The positive is, she has proved herself to be the nasty I have and will write about, by her replies and her blog. Cowardly yes, clever no.

So, I am asking anyone , if you want to comment on this page, my WordPress, please feel free to do so. Whether you are agreeing with me, disagreeing with me or just making a point. I will reply, I won’t be nasty, I won’t tell you anything but the truth and I certainly won’t resort to disgusting language. Be assured!. You have every right to make a comment and every right to be answered civilly! I can’t tell you not to reply to her or comment on her blog but be very careful if you do, be prepared for her slanderous lies about me and her appalling language. Don’t get into an argument with her, she will enjoy that. I am grateful for anyone defending me but I don’t want any of you being made ill because of me. I will deal with Jade Wood, believe me!

So, there you are, angry gone!

Still awaiting the final date for NOBODY TOLD ME should be next week now. Then onto the horror story THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. I am going into hospital next week, bad timing, jut for a day so might be a bit quiet for a time. Depends on what happens. But I will be back!

I am still not working, in clinic I mean, too much happening in my own life to be able to help others yet. The farm is still looking very summery and the animals are okay except for Oliver but he is getting there.

I have noticed a great deal of talk on Twitter and Facebook about how sexual abuse is not taken seriously by many police forces. I have spoken on here before about this but I just want to reiterate that when people claim to be victims of abuse; as in the case of the ‘nasty’ I am writing about, the police will not always take other’s claims seriously. That’s not an excuse but a reason and a fact. In the latest Northumberland sexual abuse scandal, many of the officers apparently had many cases of abuse that were false. Every time someone claims to have been a victim of sexual abuse, when they are not, makes the arresting officer a bit less likely to always believe what they are being told. In my opinion, it is the lowest of the low. Claiming to have been raped or sexually abused, when it is a lie, under-minds and belittles real genuine victims. My reason for writing my next book, along with not always believing that what someone tells you is actually happening to them. Believing that there are some evil people out there, who enjoy talking about this worst kind of abuse, for some devious pleasure of their own. It must be stopped to allow real v victims of this wicked crime to be heard and believed.

So, now for  reminder to be careful on here and other social media platforms. Take care how involved you become with someone you don’t know. I don’t mean to mistrust everyone, just be aware, that if something feels wrong, it probably is. I just wish I had listened to my head back in 2012 and not let my heart run away with me.

Have a good evening everyone. Back soon. x


3 thoughts on “The coward who proved a point.

  1. OMG im done with this evil twisted animal im sorry but I cannot keep quiet now she deserves a message about herself. why does she feel she needs to keep hurting you and people who care about you? shes the one who is making all the trouble she needs stopping now. she should of gone through what you have and see if she still lies then. I hate this witch and this is mild language for her. we are all here for you cassie please believe that big hugs and loads of love coming your way xx


  2. Hi Kirsty, by being nasty to them, she knows it will get back and hurt me. I think her reasoning is because I am writing the book about her. She seems to forget that without her contacting me, lying about such horrible things, scaring the life out of me etc etc there would be no book. I could back down and put all of this bed and now write the book but you and others have seen what she is capable of.She needs stopping and people need to be warned about her. Lying about being abused is in my mind evil in itself. How can anyone believe genuine victims when there are people like her about. I will write the book, I will name and shame and see if that stops at least one person becoming entangled in her lies and deceit. Thank you for this. I really appreciate those who support me and this cause. xx


    1. im so sorry cassie but I have had enough of this twisted evil witch I have made my feelings quite clear to her I have bit my tongue as long as possible but by hurting you she is now hurting people who care about you so I left her a message not swearing or abusive I just had to vent my anger on her she is taking the mick out of people who have been raped abused and left with mental scars and I for one have had enough of her. when your book is written I will be buying copies for myself friends and family I want this evil twisted witch named and shamed.
      she cannot hurt me with her mouth I have a family member whos worse then her. I just cannot understand why she gets away with all this nasty stuff. as I am writing this I have tears in my eyes at what she has said and done. why would anybody do this? you became my friend before I even told you anything about me… I do not need to lie to you to have you as a friend. please believe me when I say this cassie you have so much support she cannot and will not win this war. you are a strong lady who has strong friends and family xx big hugs


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