What a difference a week makes.

Well it’s been a strange week here on the farm. It began very positive and happy with me hoping that the ‘nasty’ had stopped her onslaught of my name and that peace had been restored. But sadly no.

Apparently she is taking offence at my writing the story of her crimes and making them into a book. She says I am ruining her life and seems to think that this is unfair. The police and the courts decided that she wasn’t fit to be round children so she has been prevented from working with children and young people. They feel that she has such an evil mind and imagination that no child should be exposed to. Before she wrote and asked me to help, before she lied about being abused and raped, I had never heard of her.She says everything bad in her life now,is down to me.She seems to have forgotten that if she hadn’t committed these crimes against me, hadn’t told those horrendous lies about abuse and depravity, there would be no book. Yes I will write about her, her own hometown knows about her. She wrote in her blog that the story was in her local newspaper, so what I am writing about is already public knowledge. I won’t stop writing the book or warning others about creatures like her who prey on the vulnerable whilst pretending to be just that herself.

You might realise that I am angry. Yes I am. I know that at the time, she read my blog and so  I wrote on here that I wanted my name off her site. I wrote that I would take things further if my name and any reference to me as ‘C’ as everyone now knows who that is, is not removed, I will not let this rest. She hasn’t removed it and still refers to ‘C’. This past week I have had reason to become even more angry. I don’t read her blog religiously, only now and again but I do hear from others who read it and am grateful. I have never asked anyone to comment on her ‘writings’ but again, if in defence of me or the truth, then I am grateful. What I don’t like, is how she has written and told downright lies to other people on Twitter again maligning my name. I have seen these scripts as Twitter is public and am horrified, not only at the content but at the ‘language’. She is obviously angry and hopefully scared now. As I said, I will continue to write about her because I have the truth in writing. Every single email she wrote. All the depraved, horrific sexually explicit lies and stories she wrote to me. Everything from her phone and her laptop . Everything I have said on my blog is the truth. I find it cowardly that she can write such lies and abuse about me on a public blog and think she can get away with doing this; in my mind this is cowardly. I won’t let this go, I can’t. When someone defends my name because they know the truth, they shouldn’t suffer abuse a the hands of this nasty person. For all of these friends and followers, I am sorry.

This week has also brought worry of another kind. My health is not good, I have to have an operation in October, only a minor one but a bit of a worry. I am not sleeping for various reasons that I don’t wish to go into on here. We also have a sick pony. These are my more important worries. Especially my pony’s health. With him,we can only watch and wait.


The good news of the week is that after a slight delay, NOBODY TOLD ME is to be released around the 29th September. I have placed the cover image of I DID TELL in the back and an Introduction of THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN in the back also.

As I have said before, all of my books have a message. They are all true stories and everything written in them is true and factual. I can’t write under my own name, my only regret, for legal reasons. All the names are made up names and so are the places and lively hoods of anyone in the books. This is to protect others, not to protect me. I do have an added regret, that I didn’t take the advice of the police and prosecuted this horrid young woman for harassment as well as Malicious misuse of the   Communications act to cause anxiety and fear. I wish I had insisted on being in the court on the day of her case and not listened to the advice of those who thought they knew better. Would it have made any difference to this person? I don’t suppose it would have but at least I would have been able to face her and tell her what I think of her for what she has put me and my family through. Perhaps then, this would all be over.

When this all begun, after the first week or two of worry and fear for her emotional and physical wellbeing, I decide to do what I do for clients and what I have done for my children. I would keep a memory box. This is the reason I kept her emails etc, her drawings and her texts. I was going to write it all out as a story, her story, to give her when she was safe and happy. I do this with clients and at the end of therapy, they take their memory box home. On bad days, I ask them to open the box and see how far they have come. When the things they came into therapy with, are so awful they think they can’t and won’t get through, this box with it’s history of where they have been and what they have achieved, is a reminder; that they have had it a lot worse and coped. I was going to do this for Jade Wood. Now, it seems very silly but at the time, it seemed a nice thing to do for someone I believed had been raped and abused.

So I have all the content for this book and one-day, I hope, the people she has fooled on Twitter etc, will read the truth that cannot be denied, as I have it all here in black and white. Perhaps then, they will see her for who she really is. The sad thing is that her family, who I am sure don’t have a clue about what she has done, will find out . She says they know, I am sure they don’t know the extent and the vile ness of her mind and capability to harm others. Perhaps I will send them a copy of my book! But then would that make me like her, nasty? I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I have to stand up for myself and others she has harmed.She paints a picture of a drunken mother and a bully father but I am sure they are not like that. Just her nasty mind trying to gain sympathy.

I have been very tolerant. I have given her every chance to remove her blog. She has done nothing except continue to bad mouth me. I can’t allow this to go on. In the book the truth will be out there. On here, I will continue to write . This is a public blog. I don’t mind who reads it or who comments because what I write is exactly how it is. If what has been written about me was true, ask anyone, I would stand up and be counted. But I hate lies and I hate liars even more and will not just sit back and let this nasty person continue with this onslaught and not fight back! I am now fighting!

Thanks again to everyone supporting me and a special thank you to those who know who they are xxx


8 thoughts on “What a difference a week makes.

  1. Let her take offence. like you say if she hadn’t contacted you with those disgusting lies then none of this would be happening.

    i take offence that a woman who has been through abuse is subjected to more abuse by the writings and lies of ms woods.
    how do you sleep at night knowing you stooped as low as a human can by pretending to be abused. that my love is disgusting and gives those who truly have been abused a bad name.
    How dare you treat this woman in this way.

    To you cassie all i have to say is keep strong. keep going everyone who knows you ,what you have endured are right by your side ❤


  2. Thank you Nicci. Means a lot to have your support. I don’t think she will ever stop or at least not until she has been severely punished in law. If this goes on, I will have to take this further. Thanks again xx


      1. Thanks Nicci but her lies could be damaging to my name and she has now involved others in the lies. I have given her every chance to remove everything about me and all her lies and comments. If I don’t take it further, perhaps I will place a couple of the really horrific depraved emails she sent, on Twitter or my blog. I don’t know how much more I can take and do nothing. Sorry to hear you are unwell. thank you again for your support. xx


  3. ohh cassie I am so sorry I have only just seen this blog. you have so many people supporting you who care about you she is just a stupid little girl who does need to be stopped what have the police said? this cannot carry on shes making you ill and that’s not right. I am so angry for you every time I see her name on here it makes my blood boil. I for one will defend you I think you are brave and strong to have been through what you have and still support people like myself. never give up cassie you have too many people backing you….. I cannot wait to purchase your book about the nasty and in saying that I believe others feel the same way. she did this so as the saying goes if you cannot do the time don’t do the crime. I hope everyone knows what a dirty lying dog she really is. just seen you above comment cassie your better then that about the emails on twitter and your stronger then that. sending plenty of love hugs and LOADS of support xxx


  4. Hi Kirsty. Thank you for your support and I am glad that you made this comment. As for the emails, I just want her readers to know just how depraved and horrific her emails and actions were. How evil the stories she told were and understand why I won’t let this go. She says she ‘made a mistake’. She sent over 7000 emails to me, some as her and others as her ‘mum’, her ‘aunt and her stepdad ad. She also pretended to be two other people who I suspected were not genuine. The fear she instilled in me and my family, mostly fear for her safety.T his was not a mistake but 6 months of terror at her hands. People need to know what she is really like and not believe her lies in her blog. Perhaps saying all of that makes me no better than her in your eyes. I do hope not. I am better than her all I wanted to do was to help her. How stupid was that.The police again believed her lies when she contacted me by FB how can I trust they will stop her. Hope you are feeling stronger now and will hopefully see you on FB . xx


  5. cassie YOU ARE a thousand times better then the evil little witch. she never made a mistake she knew what she was saying and doing and your right I wouldn’t have much faith in the police either. people don’t believe her lies if they do then they must be sick as well. you are a good person with a wonderful heart you have more people backing you then she ever will. I have seen her FB page and shes a child getting excited for an iPhone that’s something a child would do. you write your book and tell all what she has put you through and is still putting you through. I cannot understand why you are not being protected from this evil scum…. I wish I had a magic wand to take away your hurt and pain. if she doesn’t stop then maybe you should add one of her emails maybe that will make her stop. she needs to get a life and leave you alone shes still hurting you and that’s not right. is the injunction still In place? always here for you cassie hugs and love as always xx chin up your doing a good job xx


    1. Kirsty, I can’t find her on Facebook but see enough when I read her on Twitter and see her blog. I am not sure if you have read it, in the past it has been quite poisonous but I think she may have got the message and seems to have stopped. I don’t care what is said about me when it is the truth but I can’t and won’t put up with the lies, hers being so disgusting and cruel. I won’t become like her but do need to somehow let her know she can’t do this. People who read her blog are vulnerable people and I know how gullible vulnerability makes you. I also know how credible she can seem. But I won’t give up. I have place the Introduction to THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN in the back of NOBODY TOLD ME and so we will see what happens. I hope you are looking after yourself please don’t worry about me. I will be fine. I have other things to worry about at present, one of my ponies is very ill so Jade Wood isn’t worth my instant time. Love C XXX


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