Some fun and some respite

Well NOBODY TOLD ME has gone to print and will be here very soon. It has been a long time coming but at last is about to be placed on Amazon. I feel happy with the cover design and with the company who have helped me make this happen. Spiffing Covers. I will certainly use them for every other book I write.


The Fun.

It is my wedding anniversary on Monday and because it is easier to be away from our property on a Saturday, we had the day out. We went to an antiques fair, the biggest in Wales and it was a glorious day. Lots to see, many things bringing back happy memories and some not so happy but I don’t dwell on those now. It was good to be away from the Internet, emails, the phone and just have some fun trawling around the stalls and looking at what people consider Antique. Although it is a very busy Fair, it was also relaxing and reminded me of the importance of taking time out. Just strolling around, not looking for anything in particular. Away from the worries everyday life brings us all.The drive there and back, is across the most beautiful countryside, through the upper part of the Wye valley and then across the Cambrian mountains. Breath-taking scenery and a reminder of what nature gives us in all her glory. It was a lovely day.


The news of late has been grueling and I have now made a point of not watching it in the evenings. Advice I give my clients. If you need to watch the TV make sure you watch something light or funny before going to bed. Places you in a better frame of mind to enable sleep.

Taking time out, even sometimes away from family and friends, recharges my batteries for the week ahead. It will be a very busy time getting ready for the launch of this my second book.

I have decided to leave my writing for a couple of weeks and sort my study out ready to begin in ernest on THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. Life keeps getting in the way of things I need to do. Goodbyes I need to make and so I will leave the next book and concentrate on processing the past few years. Lucy’s illnesses, her break up of her engagement and all that meant to us. But most of all, the loss of the baby we so looked forward to. As I have said here before, I will work on a symbolic goodbye to the grandchild we would have loved and process the grief that awful time brought me. I can only do this for myself, Daniel and Lucy seem to have accepted this better than me.



Once that is done, I will work on the horrors that came to me back in 2012 after losing my wonderful horse. All the horrors of my life up until that period, I have dealt with. The childhood trauma and everything that happened to me as a young adult, I have worked hard on coming to terms with. Writing I DID TELL and now NOBODY TOLD ME have helped heal these scars. The friends I have met, since writing my life-story, have helped in many ways. My story has helped some come to terms with their own abuse, some have written for help and I hope I have given that, some have just written and said how moved the book made them feel. All of this has been positive and good.Writing the next book about the nasty that happened a couple of years ago, will be cathartic and healing. In a way I am glad I have not been able to write this story before now as the ending may be different from how it would have been if written earlier.In the beginning when the police suggested this would make a good book, I wasn’t sure. I never wanted, in any of my life stories, to harm anyone or cause them pain as she did me. So this book has to be written and it will be.

In the past couple of weeks, there has been a slight respite from Jade Wood’s blog. My name hasn’t appeared and she seems less intent on making my life hell. However, she hasn’t removed my name, or taken back her lies. She has maligned my name over and over in the past and has not removed any of this from her blog. So it could still do me harm. I know she reads my blog and I have said in the past that I won’t allow this to continue, so even though she is not currently naming me or talking about me, my name is still on her blog and people are reading her lies. So, no, I won’t let that continue.

Sadly, there are people out there, as naive or vulnerable as I was, who will only read her side of things and so haven’t the true and full story. They may believe her, I just hope they don’t become entrenched in her lies as I did.


So, today is another good day. Writing all done for a little while, I have written about half of the third book so can afford to take a break and enjoy life’ here on the farm’.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are , reading this and hope your lives are happy. Thank you everyone for your ongoing loyal support. x




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