Well today is very bleak here on the farm. Weather wise I mean. I spent the weekend writing and reading some of the emails sent to me back in 2012. Getting ready for the complete writing of THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. It isn’t going very well , brings back nasty memories of a time I could have done without.
As I have said before, this book is necessary, not only to tell my story but to warn others who may believe people who tell them they are in trouble, being harmed in someway, suicidal or anything along these lines, that they might not be actually telling the truth. The Internet is a great tool, it helps businesses, it keeps people informed and social media and email, keep people in touch with each other. Most of our emails are from people we know and trust but if you have a public profile like that of an author, you need to be extra vigilant. In my case, the ‘nasty’ of 2012 has made me suspicious of anyone who writes to me unless I know them, or have a good reason to believe what they say.
I am an intelligent woman and wouldn’t usually have fallen for the stories told to me back then but because the emailer, offender, was clever and invented other identities, sometimes stealing identities and using other people’s photos, some ‘friends’ of hers, off the net. She even made these people profiles on Facebook etc. and gave them fake email addresses. I also had phone numbers for texting some of these people. I believed at first that the three and sometimes four people I was talking to, were real. As I said, I am not stupid but was taken in my this ‘nasty’, at a time in my life when I was extra vulnerable. This book is to warn others, especially those she preys on, the vulnerable and sometimes fragile, that people are not always who they appear to be. To ask people to be careful.
Another reason for the book is to have an ending. The lies are still going on, the storytelling is still happening , my name is still being maligned and to make this stop, I have to take action. One of these actions is to complete and publish my third book. When I see clients who have suffered at the hands of another, we work through what has happened, processing the events and learn to accept the past and work with it and to then move on to the present. I am in the process of doing this.

As I said before, the ‘nasty’ was clever and possibly thinks she is still being clever but in reality she isn’t. My readers, my friends and family, know who I am. My publisher, my work colleagues, know who I am. People around me who have known me for many years, know the real me. They won’t believe her lies, they won’t believe the false friends and readers she makes up in her silly little mind. The person she portrays, doesn’t resemble me one little bit.
I am not obsessed or mentally sick. I am not vindictive or spiteful. I am not unreasonable or judgmental. All things she has, over the months said I am. I am someone who has suffered at the hands of a nasty, evil young woman who is intent on besmirching my name and ruining my reputation. She will fail.She was clever but not any more. People are beginning to see through her. They are not accepting the things she says and are themselves becoming angry.
I have never asked anyone to comment on her blog. I have never commented on her blog or made any contact with her whatsoever, whatever she writes. I have never asked anyone to read her blog. But, it is in the public domain so many will read it and they will read mine. I have no reason to make up lies, I don’t have a good enough memory of today, to be able to do this. Everything I say is the truth and I don’t need a good memory for that.

I will continue to write about her, tell my factual story, fight this all the way until the book is out there and I hope, many will read about this danger of the net. I don’t normally write like this but have had enough as I said a few weeks ago.
I never wanted any of this. I didn’t contact this horrid young woman, I never knew she existed and I wish I never did, she contacted me with her lies and pleas for help. My mistake was falling for her evil lies and trying to help her.
At first I was hurt, emotional and then angry. Today I am none of these things. Tomorrow I will be even stronger and then stronger again! The thing about those commenting on her blog, it has given me strength, encouragement and conviction that she must be stopped. So thank you all.x
She has brought all of this on herself. If she thinks she will stop this book, she is very wrong. Watch this space! Thank you to everyone who is supporting me and I am so pleased that some of you are seeing through her and seeing her for who she really is. x


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