Naivety and Knowledge

My family tell me that I can be too honest and too ready to believe the best in people. I have always been told that I always believe what I am told. We all know where that got me!

Back before 2012 this was true. My honesty has cost me dear on more than one occasion. I did always believe everything I was told because I didn’t believe people told such horrific lies as I have since discovered. I would never have believed that anyone could lie about being sexually abused or raped. I couldn’t accept that people would make up these things when they never happened to them. Both of these crimes are nasty, distasteful and wicked. To tell someone details of such things, including offences against tiny babies and children, when none of it is true, was beyond me. When it is true, having been raped or abused, or knowing of such things, to have to tell someone about these acts, in detail, is a horrible difficult thing to do. I know this on a personal level and with people I work with. To tell of such evils when they are not true, just made up in a sick twisted mind, defies belief.

But they do. Jade Wood shattered my beliefs big time. Her lies were not in single figures they were multiple over 7000 emails plus messages and phone-calls. She told me of depraved horrific wickedness, things that happened to her and to others. who had suffered these evil crimes. Of course I wanted to help her. Of course at first and for a long time I believed her. Who would lie about such things?

If she had emailed me today, I would have contacted either the police or child protection. Why didn’t I? because her lies were corroborated by ‘others’ or so I believed.

Recently there have been news stories about many alleged rape cases that have not been followed through by the police. Maybe these officers didn’t believe the victim. Maybe they had met people like Jade Wood before and so couldn’t believe the true victims. I don’t know. But what I do know is that this is what will happen. True victims of such nasty and evil crimes may not be believed because of time wasters , cruel nasty people who pretend that they have suffered abuse or rape. For whatever reason they do this, it is more than wrong!. Not only could it harm someone they accuse, or damage someone listening to the evil lies, that contain explicit stories of sex and depravity but most of all, it belittles true victims of rape and sexual abuse. It is in my mind unforgivable!

The law will change soon I hope. Anyone crying rape or sexual abuse when they haven’t been hurt in this way will be prosecuted for wasting police time. I am hoping, as a result of changes in the law, this will result in charges of damage that has been done to the alleged offender and charges for the harm they do to anyone having been told these evil lies.

Perhaps they will take cases in retrospect. Who knows.
I hope one day these nasty people will understand the damage they do and stop, but I ma not holding my breath!

This is the reason for my 3rd book THE FACE BEHIBND THE SCREEN. to warn both would be offenders and victims of this nasty crime and to tell people that sometimes, something that someone writes about or tells over the Internet can be so very far from the truth.

Then perhaps our police forces will be able to believe anyone who claims to be victims of such crimes. Thank you for reading.


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