Enoughs enough!!

I learned a long time ago how family can hurt you, so much more than strangers. The hurt is deeper because of who they are. A late legacy from my childhood is my need to be honest. It has caused me so much loss and been to the detriment of ‘me’ many times. But growing up in a web of lies makes you want the truth, no matter what the consequences are. It also makes you keep promises made, sometimes in desperation, that you later regret. Like my promise to Jack’s dad when I found him. I can recognise my losses through my need to be honest and keep my integrity in place, more times than I want to think about.

I haven’t talked about others on this blog except the nasty. I don’t talk about family ‘stuff’ as it is private and personal. The whole idea of this blog is to keep my loyal readers up to date, either with my writing or events to do with my writing. Such as new books.

The reason for today’s blog is the fact that Jade Louise Wood is continuing to malign me and my name on her blog. Her evil lies have made me ill in the past, I won’t let this happen this time. I am a bigger and better person than her and I don’t think she would recognize the truth if it slapped her in the face. I also don’t think she recognizes lies. They are her mainstay in life after all. She continues to bad mouth me telling lies and slandering my name on her blog. If people took the trouble to read the whole of her blog, they would see what a distasteful nasty person she is.
All I ever did was try and help someone I believed was being raped and sexually abused. I believed the lies she told me and did everything I could to help her. I put my life on hold, family on hold everything was put to the wall to be there for her. Maybe that makes me stupid but I would do this again for a real victim.
I am not going to bore you with this horrible story but need now to put a stop, once and for all to the damage she is trying to inflict on me.

She complains that I talk about her. She instigated everything right from the start and now is trying hard to stir up trouble, which is now involving a family member. So yes I will talk about her! I will continue to name her, write about her, as a warning to others. This latest blog she wrote was brought to my attention by a mutual friend.
When she named me in her blog, I let it go. When she went further and put my real name out there, I let it go. But now she has tried to wash my dirty linen in public. Something she knows nothing about and something she has no right to talk about!
This is between me and my family. It has nothing to do with what she did to me, or what she thinks about my writing the story of her evil. Nothing!
This time she has gone too far.
I won’t discuss family business on here, it is my business. Families are strange things and mine no different from anyone else’s. Families argue and disagree and sometimes fall out for good. Sometimes people do things that are unforgivable and then take themselves out of your life because of your integrity. It is no one’s business than theirs. It is between them and their family. Anyone with any sense of what is right, would not talk about another person’s business, especially when they don’t know the facts, and especially on a public blog. The thing is, because this pathetic individual Jade Wood is an habitual liar, she doesn’t ever think that someone can play her at her own nasty game. Too quick to believe the worst of others. My Nan used to say “evil doers, evil thinkers’. I will say no more.
As I said, her latest blog was brought to my attention by a mutual friend and in this, she is still talking about my private personal business that she knows nothing about!
She is now treading on very thin ice. She thinks the legal stuff is over. It isn’t. I am now more determined than ever to put this right.

I have never been out to wreck her life as she states. She contacted me! She made up evil sick lies for 6 months! Her doing! I only ever wanted to help her. Help her as I have hopefully helped others, that was the whole reason for telling my story in the first place. After the whole sorry story of this hoax was out, after the emotional damage had been done; I was too ill to do anything, other than what the police asked of me. It was they who suggested this would make a good book, a book to warn people about Internet falsehoods.

Now, I have had enough. As I said, I have let other things go but not anymore.
Others have been fooled by this woman and have taken it no further so she feels she is safe. But hurting people, especially someone who tried to help her, is in my book, unforgivable. Talking about their personal problems and involving their family, well there are no words.
If she does not remove any link to my family, any lies about me or them from her blog, I will take this further. It doesn’t matter why they said anything, it was she who contacted them and so again, she is the instigator. It was she who made all of this public, no one else. So she must take the consequences for her actions. If she doesn’t stop the lies and malicious slander in her blog, I will sue for slander! I have already been asked to make another statement about her slandering me and have so far not done this. If she doesn’t take down the references to my family, the lies about me and the name calling immediately, I will have no choice but to take this further.
Unlike me, she does talk about her family and in a very bad light. If this comes out, her own family will find out the truth, I wonder how that would make her feel.
This should be a good time for me and my family A happy, she is trying hard to spoil it for me. She won’t succeed.
Today, I am more determined than ever to continue helping others who need it, to write my books and have them published and to enjoy launching NOBODY TOLD ME.
I haven’t enjoyed writing this blog, I always hoped it would never come to this but I can’t and won’t take any more rubbishing from this nasty young woman.
I take this opportunity to again thank my loyal friends and readers for their ongoing support. xxx


8 thoughts on “Enoughs enough!!

    1. Thank you for this and for all the support you have shown. My need for honesty and keeping my integrity intact has often cost me dear but it is me and how I live. My life as a child and young person was full of lies and deceit, my family have always known how I am but when it concerns them, they are not always so supportive. I brought my children up to be honest but all you can do is teach them right from wrong, point them in the right direction and then let them choose. Sometimes quite scary. At times, when issues are serious and can affect someone especially a child, you have to take a stand. That is what I did last year and what I am going to do this week. It seems that some don’t think I will. Watch this space.


  1. Hello, Thank you for your comment on my blog, I didn’t realise who you were until I had a message on Twitter. I have just read some of your blog posts, from the very first one, then a few more up until this one. Your very first post made me feel sick, I had to stop reading a couple of times, sadly this didn’t improve throughout. In fact, I feel your posts seem to get more and more desperate each time.
    I have no words, only that I am shocked and sorry that you have had to deal with her. As I understand it, you have a book? I’m sorry to be rude, but I probably won’t be reading it. I have recently escaped a violent relationship and it’s not something that I feel I could read. (I have just had flashbacks from shaving my legs I’m that pathetic!!) but I hope you can still help people and your book about her sells well. (I like the cover by the way).
    One tip, I would be careful about naming and shaming, I wrote on facebook about my ex, and I got warned from naming him as he hasn’t been found guilty yet.
    You don’t need to worry about her,the world can see what she is!


    1. Hi Thank you for your comment. The book Jade Wood read and then emailed me, in the beginning of this, was about my childhood. The book that is coming out now is about my dependency on prescribed medication that has been over for many years. Both are hopefully to help others. The book I am writing about Jade Wood is called THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. It is to hopefully warn others, especially those vulnerable, of trusting someone you don’t know, on the Internet. Trusting and believing that what they say, is the truth. I had 6 months of hell because I believed this girl needed my help.She has been to court once and sentenced but it has made little difference. I am able to name her because she was found guilty of Misuse of the Communications network to cause anxiety and worry. The police were horrified at her actions. Thank you for being concerned about my naming her. I am sorry you have had such a hard time. Thank you once again, perhaps if more people make comments like you made, after seeing through this young woman, she may be stopped. Take care Cassie x


      1. So, she has been found guilty but still doing this?

        I wrote about you on my blog, I hope you don’t mind but if it is a problem, let me know and I will remove it.

        Goodnight for now


  2. It’s fine, write about me as much as you like. I never mind folk doing that, just don’t like people who are out to make me pay for the hurt and pain they made me suffer. I always speak the truth, sometimes to my own detriment and will only say things on here, that I would say to the face of any person I write about. Telling the truth is important tome, I have made mistakes in the past and anyone reading my books will see that for themselves. I spend my life trying to be honest and help people if I can. I have never wanted to be thanked, just useful and if possible, inspirational to those who suffered as well.. The only negative that ever came out of writing my life-story, is in the form of Jade Wood. I know of others whom she lied to but none that she told her horrific depraved lies for 6 months 24/7, like she did with me. I have asked that she removes her blog, where she mentions my name but she hasn’t. I have no choice now but to take this further. No one else will be involved, just me and her. I don’t want anyone being harmed by this nasty young woman. You are right. She is an attention seeker but she is dangerous. She has tried to involve vulnerable people, on here, in her nasty stories. Gaining their sympathy and enjoying their pain. Unforgivable in my eyes. I hope you keep well, I hope any issues you have can be sorted and any help you need you get. It is out there. Take care of yourself and thank you for your support. xx


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