The front cover!
The front cover!

At long last it is here! There were times I never thought this book will be finished.

This is the book I wanted to write, began writing many years ago but life got in the way. I began again after the success of I DID TELL I  DID but again life got in the way. This time in the form of deaths, family rifts and the nasty that was Jade Wood.

But here it is.

This is the story of how becoming dependent on GP prescribed medication, beginning at an early age, changed me and my life for a very long time. Tranquilisers and anti anxiety medication can be mind changing and turn a person into someone they don’t recognize.


For those readers who have read my autobiography, the storyline is obviously the same. I DID TELL focused on the ill treatment of my mother and the sexual abuse of my abuser. NOBODY TOLD ME focuses on the same events in my life but focusing on the relationship between me and the drugs.


I hope it will be insightful for those who didn’t understand why the abuse continued into my young adulthood. Why I didn’t stand up to my mother or others who hurt me.

I hope for those who haven’t read my life-story, this will be a stand alone book and will inspire others who are on this medication. Whatever happens in life, always try and talk about your problems. Don’t accept that medication is the only way out of depression, it isn’t. It has it’s place but it is not the answer.

I didn’t recognize Cassie for a lot of years. I know who she is today and none of what happened to her, could happen to her today. Standing up for myself is something I am still learning to do, some people around me don’t like that. But it was a long painful struggle to get here and here I will stay!

I hope this book will be received in the same ay as I DID TELL was received and I look forward to reviews, honest and open.


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