Well, this week has been emotional, exasperating, frustrating, sad and happy. Bit of everything.

The emotional is Lucy moving tomorrow. I am really happy for her but will miss knowing she is just over the drive. We have talked about the past year and I have almost managed to cry a little, but only almost. She has been very busy getting her little cottage ready for her and her cats and is quite excited. I don’t want to bring that mood down. She has also been very angry re the ‘nasty’ and the things she is saying about me on her delusional blog, that are not true. But we know the truth as I keep reminding her and one day, the world will know as well. I have everything that happened in print. One of you read the ‘Sorry’ blog and the ‘COWARD’ blog and told me. “Someone” should look up the word SORRY and understand what it means. I remembered something my Nan used to say when she heard people gossiping with no foundation. ‘Evil doers, evil thinkers’. That makes so much sense today.

I have been exasperated at the slowness of the legal justice system and frustrated at the time things take. But I will be more patient in future.

Sad because some of the people I would like to share things with are no longer around. Also because this year should have been so different.I am almost ready to say my goodbyes, the balloons are ordered and Lucy and I are going out on Monday to buy everything I need to put in my memory box. Along with the precious things I have here at home. Not ready yet, just almost ready.

I want to say thank you again to everyone of my readers and mostly thank my FB and Twitter friends who have shown such loyalty. Yes, I have been called many things during this drawn out lengthy nasty time, coward being one of them. Bully being another, maybe these also should be looked up in the dictionary. I will take being called anything if the description is true but won’t take it lying down if it isn’t.

Now the good bits that make me happy:
The cover for NOBODY TOLD ME is at the briefing stage and I will have that next week. Edits almost finished. How good is that! If the cover is as good as I think it will be, I will commission the cover for the FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. I am currently just looking for ideas?

So, I hope you all have had the positives that I have had in this blog and none of the negatives. Will let you all know when the brief is with me.

Enjoy the day and the end of the week. Chat soon


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