The past few days.

I have been so surprised and warmed by the support from Twitter and Facebook friends who have read things about me that are lies. Some have made comments on the ‘blog’, of the person who caused me so much damage and I am grateful. I didn’t know this was happening until I was messaged and was, as I said, warmed by the comments made in my defence. I have no right to ask others not to comment, they feel very strongly about what has happened. I thank them for their support.

What a horrible few years, not only for me but for so many. Why people hurt others, cause them pain, is beyond me. I have always tried to help others, comfort others and be the one they can turn to. I am no saint I know that but I would never intentionally hurt anyone. 2012 made me very wary about helping anyone again, part of the long term damage done to me.

When this first happened, back in 2012, I was willing to speak with this young woman. I was going to go for Restorative Justice but the police talked me out of it. They thought it would cause me more harm. One of the charges against her was harassment, this is a difficult crime to prove. They knew they could charge her and her be found guilty of Misuse of the Telecommunications system to cause anxiety and distress. They didn’t want her to get away with what she had done and so asked me to pursue the one crime. I was wiling to go to court but on their advice I didn’t. They thought she was a ‘nasty piece of work’ and didn’t want me to face her. Sometimes now, I wish I had. But then, if she had lied as she does so well, would I have believed her story about being lonely and forgiven her? Then when I found out she wasn’t sorry really, would I have felt worse than I do now.? Don’t know. She never said she was sorry and I know now she wasn’t, the lies she is spreading about me, the disclosure of my name etc. That doesn’t sound like sorry to me.

I am thinking of going to see a solicitor, I have to get this stopped as it is making me ill and upsetting my family. They are the important ones in all of this.
Haven’t made my mind up yet, but maybe the only way is the legal way.

I have never meant this young woman harm. I only ever wanted to help her when I believed her stories. I never went to the police to cause her a problem, I went after receiving a video clip of her, naked and crying for help. I had to make sure she was okay. The fear, worry and anxiety levels at this stage were huge.
Everything that is happening now, the comments on her blog, the book I am writing all began with her emailing me. She instigated everything.It is all down to her actions, without them, there would be no comments, possibly no blog and certainly no book.

Well, I am going out to my beloved ponies now and try and get her out of my head as I need to.

Have a good weekend everyone and be nice to each other. xx


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