New Book …at last!

Hi everyone, just thought I would update you on my next book, NOBODY TOLD ME. It has been a long time coming I know but circumstances have prevented me from getting to this point. Illness, bereavement, legal stuff and of course 2012!! It is now with the cover designer so getting excited now.

I wrote this second book, because many readers wrote to me, asking about the medication I became dependent on for 25 years of my life. Some asked how I managed during this time. Some didn’t really understand why I had begun this journey in the first place and others wanted to know how it had affected me. Readers also asked why the abuse was able to continue into my adult life, all of these questions were understandable and so I thought writing my story from this perspective, would answer those questions.

Child abuse takes away our self confidence, our self worth and our ability to stand up for ourselves. All of this happened to me. At the age of 15, embarking on the medication enabled me to blank some of the horrendous abuse out of my mind, whilst it was happening. Some of the time, taking these tablets shielded me from feeling and sometimes hurting emotionally.

NOBODY TOLD ME is the same story, in as much, as it is my life but seen from a different perspective. It focuses on the relationship between me and the medication. It will show how I changed, how I became isolated and not able to stand up for myself. It will also show how easy it was for me to get this medication, something I am sad to say, hasn’t changed much today.I hope all of you who will read it, will encourage others to buy the book and spread the word about Benzodiazopine drugs.

The withdrawal from this medication was as horrendous in it’s depth as the abuse. The most lasting legacy from both, the childhood sexual abuse and the horrors of dependency and withdrawal is fear. Going back into those memories was painful in the extreme but I really feel it will be worth all that pain, if someone out there reads my story and is inspired or encouraged by it.

The legacy never really leaves me, the pain and fear and terror of the abuse and the withdrawal, is always really close by. Given the right trigger, they can rear their ugly head at anytime. Sadly,I know this to be true when the trigger was sparked back in 2012 by Jade Wood. The fear, terror and flashbacks of the sexual abuse I suffered as a child, came flooding back. Just when I had thought I was safe.

But I am safe now. Here in my beautiful home, in my adopted country of Wales. I love it here, the views are stunning and the people are kind. I have a loving family and my wonderful ponies, cats and dogs. I also have my other Profession and enjoy helping my clients. No one can hurt me here, I know that now.

I am back writing and will now embark on the third book THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. Going back to another horrid time in my life, I hope will help me put that all to bed.
So please look out for NOBODY TOLD ME and read my blog, my Facebook page and email me if you want to go on my mailing list re these books.
Have a great weekend everyone and thank you all for your support. xxx


4 thoughts on “New Book …at last!

  1. Hi Cassie I am truly inspired by your courage and strength to write with total heartfelt honesty, your story. In particular it is only fair and right that Jade Wood be exposed for the liar she is. There are so many genuine people out there (including myself) who have suffered abuse. To fabricate this, as she did is a heinous crime. Keep writing Cassie I wish you well x


  2. Hi Linda-Jaine. Thank you for your kind words. The book NOBODY TOLD ME is not about Jade Wood but the next one THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN is. I am hoping you have read my complete blog and that is why you commented. I wouldn’t want you to think NOBODY TOLD ME was the story of the horror she put me through for 6 months, 24/7. Yes, there are many who sadly have suffered sexual abuse as we have done. I feel very strongly that the people who claim to have been victims when they are not, don’t do the real victims any favours. In fact they belittle the horrors we suffered. I am currently writing Jade Wood’s nasty story as we speak. She has to be stopped from making people believe her horrendous lies, leaving others open to the damage she inflicted on me. Take care and thank you for commenting.x


  3. Hi Cassie,

    I realise that Nobody Told Me is a different story to the Jade Wood one. I was particularly struck by your narrative of her through your blog and how she subjected you to 6 months of hell and how you have been affected by it now. Time to take care of yourself and process past events. All good wishes x


  4. Thank you once again Linda, the Jade Wood horror isn’t over yet I am sorry to say she is still trying to blacken my name but will not succeed. If you get NOBODY TOLD ME when it is released, and/or THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN, perhaps you would be good enough to review it for me on Twitter, Facebook or Amazon.


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