Fellow bloggers and followers

Firstly thank you for following my blog. Of late I have received a great many people who are now following my bog on WordPress. I am grateful for the readership but am a little confused as to why I am suddenly gaining a lot of new readers. As you know, we are all contacted when we have anew reader or follower. Don’t get me wrong, we all write on here to be read. But could I please ask a favour of you all? In light of recent events and past horrible experience on the Internet, I am now careful about who contacts me. Yes I check everyone out as best I can, if you have read my blog you will understand why. What I am asking is this. If you read my blog and want to follow, then you are more than welcome but would you be good enough to make a comment in the box at the bottom. Perhaps explaining what it is about my blog that interests you?

I hope you all understand my reason for this request and I hope you can oblige by commenting.

Thank you all once again. Have a great week everyone.


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