The ‘danger’ of publicity.

Felt I had to write today after a remark I heard this morning.
“Another sexual abuse story, it is everywhere, you turn on the radio, read a magazine, read a newspaper and there it is. Getting a bit fed up now!”

Yes, it is everywhere, in every media because sadly, sexual abuse can be anywhere! Not only celebrities but happening everyday to ‘ordinary’ children and young people. Since the Saville case, it does seem that ‘celebrities’ are not safe from their pasts. They shouldn’t be safe from their pasts if the have committed this evil crime!
The thing that worries me, hearing this today is that these cases will be soon seen as ordinary and ordinary sometimes can become acceptable. This mustn’t happen!
I also hear, on here and on other social media that people only make claims of abuse if they have actually been abused. NOT TRUE! I would never have believed that a person would lie about such evil crimes. But I do now.
When the case in my blog, the ‘hoax’ came to light, I was horrified that anyone could claim to have been and being sexually abused when they weren’t. I couldn’t believe that a person could claim to have been raped, abused, tortured when they hadn’t. The police at the time told me that this person had been cautioned for making claims like this before and it was all lies. He also told me that sometimes the police who hear these stories, don’t always find it easy to believe, because of people that lie about their own ‘abuse’. Too many people come forward and tell lies. This is insulting to anyone who has suffered this horrendous of all crimes. Insulting and belittling.
My point is that claiming you have been abused and it then being proven that you hadn’t, should be a criminal offence. Then and only then, will the police be able to believe claims and have the offender punished.
Every claim should be investigated and every claim taken seriously but the ones who are found to be made up for some unknown reason, should be prosecuted for wasting police time and in these cases, this should be made a crime.

So, Yes, stories of sexual abuse, whether by a ‘celebrity’ or a person in the community should be taken seriously and have the right kind of publicity. But let’s remember, for every crime their is a victim. Let’s consider them. Please don’t anyone ever ‘get a bit fed up with it now” All the media talk about is the offender, for some reason this sells stories. The real stories are those of the victim.

I hope in my lifetime, that these horrid stories are never seen as ‘just another story’ A ‘here we go again’ story. We must always see them for what they are. The most evil and horrendous of crimes. We must always try and change the law and make sure people who sexually abuse children are punished and that the punishment is harsh. Then and only then if ever, these crimes may diminish in numbers. Never let us see them as ‘just another sexual abuse story’.
For every story, someone somewhere will suffer for the rest of their lives. Let’s make sure it is the offender and not only the victim.


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