Conflicting and confusing emotions.

Today is my son Jack’s birthday. Always a sad day for me. I try and just be glad that he is happy but can’t stop myself from going back to that day all those years ago. All the birthdays I have missed. All the cards and presents not given. I hope he was a happy baby and a happy little boy. I have to tell myself he was, makes it a little easier. He doesn’t read this blog but I have wished him Happy Birthday indirectly. He has replied and so that’s good.

Well as I have told many of my readers, especially those who keep asking, the story of my relationship with GP prescribed medication is on it’s way in the form of NOBODY TOLD ME. Just awaiting the front cover now. I will post this when it arrives.
I am taking a few days out before I begin writing again, it has been quite a slog for the past few weeks, particularly as it hasn’t been the best of times for my family.
Then I will continue with THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. The true story of the despicable hoax that was played on me a couple of years ago.
My reason for writing this story is to tell the whole sordid story. Not little bits as I have on here, but the entire true facts, using the emails and records of telephone calls I had with this young woman. Some may think I was stupid to have believed her lies, others may understand but I hope everyone will take note and be extra careful when talking to someone they don’t know online.
The intrigue she created, the cunning she used to make her story credible, needs explaining. Because she created a whole believable world, a whole family and group of friends, each with their Facebook pages and own email addresses, to make the story viable.
People need to understand how this was done, to be armed with the facts to help identify if anything like this happened to them. There is so much coverage in the media currently about child sexual abuse, it seems to be widespread. To receive an email saying the sender was being abused and raped, is I am sure hard for anyone to ignore. To pretend and lie that horrific sexual abuse is happening to you when it isn’t, is something I never believed anyone would do. I was wrong. I defy anyone not to have tried to help the sender of these emails, Jade Louise Wood, or to continue to help her because you thought it was necessary because you thought she was in danger as I did..
I have been told of the lies she is still telling, some of them about me but I don’t mind. I know the truth.
I have also been told that all of this has affected her mum. I am sorry if this is true but it isn’t of my doing. I didn’t ask her to write to me, to lie and to scare the life out of me. I didn’t ask her to send sordid perverted and depraved emails to me. I just tried to help her daughter thinking and believing her lies.
I am also sorry if she or any member of her family, reads my book but this nasty young woman must be stopped.
People who CONTACTED ME, who were once her friends, told me her family is a good caring family. I just hope they don’t read her Twitter because again her lies tell of a different kind of family.
It will be very hard going back over the 7000 plus emails from this young woman, re reading the distasteful, sexually explicit ‘disclosures’ she wrote to me. Reliving the anguish of the nights when she was ‘taken’ and being hurt by those who ‘snatched’ her. Remembering the fear for myself and my family as well as for her and hers.
Even though I now know that none of it was true, the effects are still with me. Some of the ‘disclosures’ took me back to a place I never wanted to revisit, my own childhood. She knew of this as it was my book that gave her the idea to write to me. She knew and yet she still did this to me.
I have little if any trust now in anyone on the Internet. Any new follower or friend request is checked out as much as I can check. If I help anyone, I only go so far and sign post them as soon as I can. I never did any of this before, I trusted that people were who they said they were and I always saw things through.
All of these are legacies from that horrendous 6 months. They left me ill, scared and untrusting. I neglected family and friends all because she ‘needed’ me. Now she wants me to abandon my story. Not a chance!

Back to the writing I think, hard as it is. I will write and publish this story and take any legal actions that may be needed about the lies etc.
I am not trying to hurt anyone, even her but I do need to let others know of the dangers of trusting anyone they don’t know on Social Media.
Again, thank you to everyone who comments, all of you who support me on FB or Twitter and for all the private messages of support. I am grateful to you all. x


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