Sunshine and Storms

Well, the Summer eventually arrived and along with it, the warmth of mother nature. It is days like today, here on the farm, that I feel blessed. The ponies are grazing in the warm summer heat, the ducks are playing on the pond and lake, the dogs sitting in the shade and I am just ‘being’. A short respite from writing and sorting a few legal matters that can’t, unfortunately wait.


I have been reluctant to go indoors but my laptop refuses to work in the gardens. I spend a lot of time these days, playing with the ponies or dogs and just sitting by the water on our land .It is truly beautiful here and I know how lucky I am. Nothing will be allowed to spoil my peace and feelings of calm. Nothing.


We do have one worry, a sick pony but the vet will be here again in the morning. I hope it is a management problem and nothing we can’t help her with.


As I was writing this morning, I began to think of Ellen, my sister. I often go to call her as I did when my best friend died a little while ago. That’s natural I know. But I go tot thinking, we really should value family and friends , not just value them, tell them how we feel about them. Say we love them if we do. Be kind to people we meet, no one knows what they might be going through. Care about animals and nature because they care about us.


So what I am trying to say to you all is, just be kind please. We don’t know what life has in store for us, tomorrow to begin to do these things, might be a little too late.


Well, NOBODY TOLD ME is just now waiting for a cover design. THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN is well underway. Not nice going through the horrendous emails and “disclosures” that were made to me. Even now, even though I know they were not rue, they shock and sicken me. But I will get this book out as a warning to others on the net! The end now is still ‘up in the air’ in light of recent developments so it really is ‘Watch this space”.


Contrary to what you may read on a certain blog, I m not out ‘to get’ this horrible young woman. Neither am I out to harm her. If she hadn’t done what she did, there would be no book! I am just trying to make others aware of how easy it is to be taken in by a fake identity and believe what they tell you, about themselves and about what they are going through. Most people on the Internet are genuine. I just happened to have been the ‘victim’ of a fake. So the book will out with the truth. I kept everything, every email she sent and recorded every message and call. The reason was to create a storyboard of this horrible time in her life. When she was safe and had ‘recovered’ I was going to give it to her a gift. Then, when things got tough, she could look back at that awful time and know she could cope. So I have everything still. The book will be a true account of what happened. No lies. No exaggeration, just the truth. So be patient with me, It is on it’s way.


Enjoy the Summer everyone and thank you all for your support, here, on Facebook and by email. x



2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Storms

  1. For what it’s worth I think ur doing the right thing b y speaking out. It wud of been a lot easier to bury your head in the sand. I honosrly think that ur a brave and courageous women x


  2. Thank you for those kind words. I am speaking out because not to do so would mean I was colluding with this nasty young woman. She needs to be stopped or made to see that the way she behaves and the things that she does are wrong and damaging to those she hurts. By trying to engage with people pretending to be some one else is not only wrong but cowardly. If you have followed my blog which I believe you have, you will know that she has, in the past asked self harmers to send her their story. I asked them not to because it is other people’s pain she seems to ‘enjoy. People who know this woman personally say she has never self harmed so once again, a lie. I hope life for you is getting better and thank you once again.xx


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