Looking back….Going forward!

Well today has been a good day. I have been outside in the sunshine , doing ordinary but lovely things. The gardens are looking absolutely beautiful and the views from our top garden are breathtaking. We can see for miles over the Welsh countryside, hills, valleys and rivers. I am a very lucky lady.

I have made a positive decision to try and do more outside. This week has been a bit of a revelation. I haven’t been well for a while and my GP says that I am run down. The past two years have been horrendous, what with the Jade Wood nasty , losing my best friend, my horse and two ponies, and Lucy losing the baby, have all taken their toll. I now find I have a disease of the liver. Non alcoholic LIver disease. I need to be more active, a writer’s life is very sedentary and so is a Psychotherapists.. Sitting down most of the time. The fat stores in the liver causing illness. It can happen more quickly if your immune system is down. Stress can cause this to happen. The past two years have definitely been that!

I am missing my phone-calls from Ellen and keep going to ring her to tell her the latest on the farm. I know it will take time . I have planted a favourite plant in my garden for her as the place of rest is hundreds of miles away. I will go and talk to her there.

So! No more stress. More exercise. Less to eat (although that will be hard as I eat very little). I wanted to combine the exercise with something I loved, like being with the horses. So I am now in charge of cleaning the fields. I could do this on the little tractor or by hand. I choose to do it by hand. Anyone who has horses will understand this chore but being amongst my ponies I feel great so the chore becomes a pleasure.4  days now and already I feel better! I am hoping my blood results this week will have improved.



NOBODY TOLD ME seems jinxed but I won’t give up. I think it is a little controversial for the publishers so might self publish.

THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN. Well, it keeps changing because of things that keep happening! The main story of the lies, deceit, betrayal and sordid sexuality will be the same as they are the facts . The rest is a little harder. I was contacted by a young woman who ran a Cheerleading group of which Jade Wood had once been a coach. This horrid young woman had done the same to her. She contacted me to gain support because she was going to the police but got scared!! This shows how evil the offender is to render someone too scared to report her actions. Then I received a FB friend request from Wood, I have mentioned this before, and reported this. She was let off scot free! To say I was angry is an understatement as it was the police who encouraged me to make it formal. She lied her way out of this and must have felt she got away with breaking the law. Watch this space!!!


I hope wherever you are, the weather is as good with you as it is here with me. Enjoy the Summer my friends, appreciate what you have and thank you for all your support. xx


2 thoughts on “Looking back….Going forward!

  1. Dear cassie,
    I’m so glad you’ve decided to try to cut down the stress. Jw will not get away with breaking her agreement and I absolutely believe that. Keep fighting and keep walking. Forwards alwYs. Xxx


  2. Thank you . No, I don’t think she will, Watch this space! Yes no more stress as it is making me ill. I have to remember that I have been through so much more than she can do to me. What happened was horrific and so was my past but I moved on from that. I teach clients about avoiding and dealing with stress, will now use the techniques on myself. She mustn’t be allowed to flout the law and I hope she will not be allowed. Thank you again for your support. x


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