Today and tomorrow.


Well this past week has been sad and fraught. I said goodbye to Ellen last Tuesday and was a bit stressed about being among the ‘family’. As a child I was always left out or made to feel unwanted and alone. Most of this as readers will know, was from my mother. She is no longer around to hurt me but I knew my youngest sister Anne would try to make the day difficult for me. I could have backed out but then she would have won. My reason for going to the funeral was to say goodbye to my eldest sister, to whom I had become  very close during the past few years. The service was a nice pure and simple service, one of which she would have approved. My family were l there as well as her sons. After the cremation the family decided to go to the local pub/restaurant to spend some time together. We had journeyed for 6 hours the day before and so were staying over. Tom and his daughters were fine but Anne tried hard to isolate me from the family. Making a point of what she knew about the others and their children, totally ignoring me. It was so obvious that some people were becoming uncomfortable. I felt as I did as a little girl. When they began to order meals, I asked Daniel to take me back to the hotel. At this time I was feeling exhausted and emotional and I wasn’t going to let Anne see this. I haven’t been well for a few months now and have just discovered that I have a liver problem. This is worrying as Ellen died from Liver cancer. The past few years have taken their toll on me and I knew I had to look after myself on Tuesday. We quietly said our goodbyes and left. I felt a bit proud that I had removed Anne’s audience and made the others less uncomfortable. Holding my husband’s hand and with my head held high, I made my way to the car. Little Cassie had won this one!

I will do my grieving in private and with the knowledge that I am a bigger person, than someone who couldn’t let, whatever grievance they have behind, on such a solemn emotional day. God Bless Ellen, miss you x



I haven’t written very much for a few weeks, not being well and then losing my sister but will get back to it tomorrow. NOBODY TOLD ME is almost out there. THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN is on the way. I am however appalled at the Police service in Stafford. Jade Wood breached her Restraining Order by sending me a FB friend request. Everyone agreed that she had done this and on the advice of the local police I asked them to enforce the order. They arrested this nasty young woman and sadly, were as taken in by her evil lies and I had been. They believed her and let her go with no further action! I am angry that they didn’t enforce the order and see no good in making such orders if the Police don’t enforce them when breached. So that is it then, you might think. Wrong! I haven’t and won’t leave it there. If they won’t act then I will act alone. I will get something done to stop this person from hurting others and from flouting the law. Maybe the Chief Constable or maybe a newspaper. I thought at first a national might be interested but I ma thinking maybe a Staffordshire paper might take the story up. People cannot break the law and get away with it. I have heard of women who have Restraining Orders made against their partners, the Order being breached and nothing done. Then the woman is hurt by the partner. Mustn’t happen. If you break the law you need to be punished. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, so they say. I felt sick when I saw her FB friend request on my screen, she has no right to make me feel that way. So I will do something to make sure she never hurts another soul. There, said!

Watch this space. Also I would like to thank everyone for Private messaging me, emailing me and Facebook and Tweeting me in support in this instance. Thank you all x


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