What the law requires, I did my part!

Breach of the restraining order
Breach of a restraining order is a punishable act. The punishment is a fine or imprisonment not exceeding one year. Breach of the order is a crime subject to public prosecution, and it will be taken to court by the public prosecutor.

All restraining orders are entered into a special personal data file kept by the police.

The police also supervises these orders and may use force if the order is breached. If for example a person upon whom a restraining order has been imposed continues to harass the person protected, the police called in may take the guilty party to the police station and interrogate him/her for further measures.


if you have been or are about to be subjected to violence or harassment, contact the police
you can ask the police to issue a temporary restraining order
you can also ask the social services for advice or turn to another party giving advice
use expert assistance, where necessary
after a restraining order has been issued, think if you can do something to improve your security, like change the locks etc.
control yourself actively that the restraining order is not violated
if the restraining order is violated, inform the police immediately
do not be afraid to act for your own safety and the safety of your family

Just saying!


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