The Gullibility of those who should know.

Today I feel completely let down. By the justice system and people who had supported my effort to stop Jade Louise Wood from hurting others. As part of her punishment, that I felt was too light, she had a Restraining Order against her contacting me directly, indirectly, in any way, electronic, telephone, email or any other way, for 10 years. That’s good you might think. So did I.I didn’t for one minute think she would do this, contact me I mean, but  as I have always said, ‘when evil meets stupid, you are going to get caught”.

One Tuesday afternoon a few weeks ago, I turned my email on and there it was. A Facebook Friend request from Jade Louise Wood! I felt sick to my stomach. How could this happen? Lucy was in the room and said I went very pale and looked shocked, she read the screen and was very angry. After I had regained my thoughts, I knew I had to report this as it was a breach of her Order.

At this time, I was writing to two people who had been friends of hers. I had contacted them back last year to tell them about the book, a legal requirement, but neither had responded. The girl I referred to in an earlier blog, Ellie White was one of these people and she wrote to me , out of the blue after reading my blog  that said I wasn’t sure she actually existed. I told her about the emails written , I thought, by her but actually by Jade Wood and she told me how this young woman had caused her a great deal of pain. She was also very angry that Wood had used her email address and her name to make her lies to me credible. She said that this was identity theft and I suggested she told the police. I also said I wouldn’t do this as I could only tell them first hand information but she had to report this offence herself. I continued to write to her to show my support,and she gave me many email addresses that Wood had used to compare with those I had. I was under the impression that she had tried to tell the police but was ‘being messed’ about on the phone. I also had correspondence from another of Wood’s ‘friends’ who told me she had reported Wood for saying she had babysat her neighbour’s son. Apparently she screenshot this post and reported it as Wood is not allowed to look after vulnerable people or children.

I do admit that I was encouraged by the fact that there were now other’s who had or were going to report his evil young woman, nothing to do with me. Perhaps something would be done about her. The ‘punishment’ dealt her to do with the horrors she inflicted on me, had made no difference to her. Perhaps this would.

As I said,I really feel let down, both by the justice system and the girl who had been at the mercy of Wood. If she didn’t want to report what happened, if she had no intention of taking things further, why say she was going to and make me believe she had tried? I don’t know what makes someone do this unless they are afraid. The policewoman who dealt with this said they didn’t want it all starting up again! So perhaps it was out of fear. If it was then I do understand as this young woman is nasty beyond words. If no one does anything, someone along the line is going to be caused a great deal of pain at the hands of this nasty individual.

After a few days of receiving the FB friend request, I rang the police and asked if this had been a breach of her order and was told that it was. Again I left it for a few days and then knew it was the right thing to do to make it formal. I did this and went to a local police station to make a statement. Not a nice thing to do and it brought back the last time I did this after her offences against me.The PC who took this was horrified as I had to tell her a bit about the last charges. She also said that Wood had breached this order.

A few weeks later I received a call from the PC in charge in Stafford. She said she had arrested Wood and questioned her about this friend request. Again, this nasty young woman lied her way out of it. She said I had been sending lots of her ‘friends’ friend requests (which is not true, why would I do that?) and so she went onto FB to block me! We all know that the two things are completely different. She said the Friend request was a mistake. The fact that she took her page down directly after this, shows her guilt. But, for some unknown reason, she was believed and nothing was done! To say I am angry is an understatement. When an order is made, it is for a good reason. If an order is breached, the offender should pay the cost. What is the point otherwise??!!??One thing that did vindicate my believing her lies in 2012 is that even the police believed them!


So, I am now going to have to check every person who writes to me, in case she has used another name. At present she is using Jade Simpson on FB and on Twitter, so please don’t accept friend requests form this name.

Why I should be having to protect myself from someone like her when she can live her life as free as a bird, I don’t know.

I had told the police that the emails and messages form the two women I was writing to, had stopped when I reported the breach and I was concerned that this was Jade Wood. Apparently it wasn’t. I am also shocked to hear that they and they have been told not to correspond with me!! As if I am the guilty party here!

So, to both of them if they read this, I am sad that they have taken this stand, sad and disappointed that they won’t report her ‘crimes’ to the police and sad that they are possibly too afraid to do so. Doesn’t this show how horrible this young woman must be to instigate such fear? I understand and bear them no malice but unless EVERYONE who has suffered at her hands reports it, nothing will change.

She will continue to try and entrench others in her lies. Lies about her family, lies about being abused, lies about self harm that I now know for sure, are untrue.

She is the instigator in all of this, a fact that seems to have alluded some. She may have won a small battle, but she won’t win the war. I don’t know how but I will get this evil nasty person, who preys of vulnerable people, punished in some form or another. Perhaps my book, with her face on the cover, will do this.


2 thoughts on “The Gullibility of those who should know.

  1. im so shocked you are still going through this. you have done nothing wrong you can and will hold your head up high you are a much stronger person then you give yourself credit for. you write that book and let people know all what she has put you through. right behind you cassie always sending love hugs and support xx


  2. Just seen this Kirsty. Thank you for your support. Yes, it is still going on, she is still telling lies on her blog about me. I don’t mind but need to keep my real name out of this for professional reasons. I will write the book, in spite of all her efforts to stop me. Stay safe online. Luv Cassie x


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