Well I have been off air, I think is the expression for a few days now, having a fault with issues around the phone and Broadband. We have been monitored 3 or 4 times! Checked about 3 or 4 times! Reviewed about 3 0r 4 times!!! They found nothing but we still had loss of Internet on and off, over and over and loss of the phone line. We thought it must be a fault on the line. I wondered if companies ever sent a ’man out’ to physically check these things! After voicing this, we were promised ‘a man’ today and low and behold he arrived. After again, checking, monitoring and reviewing he said he found nothing wrong. Then he said let’s try the Internet. Know what!!! There was no Internet!! Then he went out to check the lines. After a few hours, he returned saying there was a fault on the line and into the exchange!! We knew that! We had been telling them that!. Nothing to do with our line or our connection. A fault with them! We were back online.

There that feels better!

My blog on Sunday was to be about the last year so that is where I am at present, thinking that a great deal has happened over the past year. This time one year ago, I was getting frustrated at the delays in the sentencing of Jade Wood. It had been postponed 3 times and now was due on the 15th May. I was also helping in an adoption process something that was close to my heart. I was also recovering from the nasty time in 2012 that Wood, as the police refer to her, had subjected me to. I had been asked to meet with her, part of the Restorative Justice scheme but was advised not to as she ‘is a nasty piece of work’ words of someone involved in the legal process. I also do not think it would make any difference to the way she behaved then and continues to behave.

It was a hard year, but not as hard as the year previous to it as you can read in my earlier blogs. Her probation comes to an end on May 15th, nowhere near as long as she deserved in my opinion. As you know, I am writing a book THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN, which will tell in detail all the depraved, evil nasty things she did and the stories that made them credible.

I know that she will continue to do this to others, she won’t have learned her lesson, she will just get on with her life. People she has harmed in the way she has harmed me, will carry the damage around even if they say they don’t. Yes, I get on with my life, I have had far more done to me than what she subjected me to and have survived. I owe it to me to survive her. But I am concerned about the vulnerable people she continues to hurt, to lie to,entrench in her wicked lies and stories. I hope when the book comes out, that her family and friends will make up their own minds about her. They see her as a vulnerable girl. Wrong! The people she encourages to write to her, either by pretending she is damaged and is a self-harmer, they are vulnerable and need protecting from people like her. She tells people she is a self- harmer, I have been told that she has no scars, from someone who knew her very well, who spent time with her. She also says that her Mum is a drunk and her Dad a bully, someone who is close to the family say none of this is true. She comes from a nice close family, so this is also lies. I know it is hard to believe this of someone, but always hear both sides, always check out if a person says something about someone, because they don’t want anyone else hurt, listen to them, if you know it to be untrue, okay. But if you don’t know that, it may be true. So take care.

Thank you for reading this and listening to my gripes about BT but also for taking the time to read about a person who needs to be stopped from hurting others. I may be on my own but in my own small way I will help do this. I was a friend to her and she betrayed that big time. I don’t want her to do this to anyone else.


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  1. Again, thank you for your love and support in all of this. It must be hard for family to accept that someone they are related to can behave in this twisted manner. I hope they do find her out. I wonder if they were in court last year, if they heard what she did. Not sure, because she avoided a trial by pleading guilty. Than meant the full extent of what she id and is capable of didn’t come out. Another reason for my book. Thanks again Kirsty, means a lot.x


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